Let's Collaborate on WSH Stories

Hey WSH Crew, I'd like to figure out a better way to tackle how we choose stories for each week. I want them to be the stories the Crew is most interesting in hearing about.

Right now, the journalists on the show select the stories from the work they've covered in their reporting, or things they're just interested in.

Sometimes that works, but we also sometimes neglect the big stories that you'd like us to cover.

I'd like to figure out a way that we could somehow collaborate each week to propose a bunch of stories and then let the community vote on which stories they're most interested in. Then we can focus on those stories as part of the show, with time set aside for each one.

So, does anyone know a good online tool that might make this work?

Here's what I was thinking for a process:

1. Everyone on the WSH somehow collects their ideas for stories into a common bucket.

2. We send an email to everyone the day before the WSH to vote.

3. Anyone who wants can vote for the stories they're most interested in seeing.

4. We choose the top X stories on the list and then write a synopsis. All the panelists review those news stories so we can talk intelligently about them.

For example, here are some ideas I've been thinking about:

Trello - We could create a Trello board for the proposed stories each week. Everyone could add their browser plugin and quickly add links to stories. The cool think about Trello is that people on the team can vote on different items on the list.

Check out this use by Habitica:

Evernote - We could create a shared Evernote folder. Again, everyone uses the plugin to quickly add stories to this folder. It would be incredibly fast to add stories and they'd look really great, but I can't think of an easy way that people could vote for which stories they'd like.

Google+ - We've already got this community, so we could take a look back at which stories got the most +1s, and then use that as a guide for the stories. My only concern is that there's going to be some manual labor to go back and pull all the stories into a single place.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?
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