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Join our live coverage of the Transit of Venus, right here on Google+

Venus will make a rare transit across the face of the Sun on June 5/6, and for this historic event, we'll be coordinating unprecedented live coverage right here on Google+.  

Starting at 20:00 UTC (2:00 p.m. PDT, 5 pm EDT) on Tuesday, June 5, a live 8-hour Hangout on Air will provide views from around the world using multiple telescopes along with commentary from astronomers, space scientists and other guests. 

Viewers will also have the chance to interact and ask questions about this rare and historical event to learn more about its significance to aiding our understanding of the Solar System.

I'll be teaming up with +Pamela Gay and +Philip Plait and many more special guests. During this 8-hour marathon, we'll provide information on how you can safely observe this event for yourself, as well as sharing telescope views from around the world (New Zealand, Canada, California, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, and more) . 

The transit will be broadcast as a live Google+ Hangout on Air, and on YouTube live. It will also be embeddable on any website that wants to share live coverage of the transit.

We'll also be showcasing photographs and other coverage from the public, astronomers and even space telescopes. 

Watch the transit live, right here on Google+
If you want to watch, circle any one of us, and you'll see it in your feed. You'll be able to then watch the live coverage in your browser, just like any YouTube Video. You can also circle the +Virtual Star Party page. You can also use the hashtag #venushangout  to get our attention on Google+ or Twitter.

Some transit science and history
A transit like this occurs when Venus passes directly between Earth and the Sun. Viewers will see Venus as a small dot gliding slowly across a portion of the Sun.  Historically, viewed by Captain James Cook and other famous astronomers from days gone by, this rare alignment is how we originally measured the size of our solar system.

There have been 53 transits since 2000 B.C. but only six transits of Venus have been observed since the invention of the telescope more than 400 years ago. There were no transits of Venus from 1882 to 2004, and the next one won’t take place until 2117.  The last time the event occurred was on June 8, 2004, and was viewed by millions worldwide. This year, observers on six continents and a small portion of Antarctica will be in position to see at least part of it. 
Venus will make a rare transit across the face of the Sun on June 5/6, 2012 and for this historic event, Universe Today will be coordinating unprecedented live coverage. Starting at 20:00 UTC (2:00 p....
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tim hem
blimey, 8hrs
seeing as it is so long, could you field questions about space and astronomy in general too?
gotta give you all summut to talk about afterall
Yup, we'll have PhD astronomers on hand to answer questions about space and astronomy.
Ooh excellent - Bravo to everyone at Esa too - PhD astronomers are worth their weight in gold, and a rare sight nowadays, Prometheus
Hi, i am manager of astronomical group in Iran.
We want to see the transit of Venus.
I want to use the information together.
It'll be starting around 2300 GMT, unfortunately.
tim hem
you sure?
it says 20:00 UTC, which is 8pm GMT, or 9pm BST, which would be 10pm for central europe 
2 pm Pacific = 11 pm in Berlin. The transit actually starts at 3:04 Pacific.
Berlin should be GMT one supposes - dead centre of europa
Only that it then would have to be called BMT.
Very amusing my dear Watson - but if Berlin were the dead centre of the world, how would your maps be drawn?
tim hem
ok, so really the hangout starts at 21:00 UTC then, so far as i can work out
Nice to have you on board Chuck - this transit could be more interesting than you guys might expect - R
Oh, i am sorry.
Venus transits from sunrise to 9:20 local time in Iran is seen
Gonna be an AWESOME eclipse!  <SEG>
+Fraser Cain I could be wrong, but isn't PDT = UTC -7 and EDT = UTC -4 (that is, 20:00 UTC = 1pm PDT / 4pm EDT, not 2pm / 5pm)?

Thanks for hosting this virtual star party :) Looking forward to tuning in!
This is very exciting!! I can't wait too watch!!
i know this is un related to the topic but how does this blogger work? can anyone help me?
i'm going to watch as much as i can bare-eyed and without blinking
tim hem
+Johnathan Chung , my sums work out the same, but Im working on the assumption its the UTC thats wrong
what time is take place.......greenwich mean time....???.......
Can it be seen from nyc
You'll see it for a couple of hours in NYC as the Sun is setting.
It'll be starting at 20:00 GMT.
I'm near Brisbane, Australia - approx. what time here?
o.k.....seen comment now...2300 we wont see it...but we can on google...
Hey Dragon Ball Z Abridged- Space Brisbane.
wow thats pretty awesome!
Hi +Fraser Cain does it have a special reason most of the locations you mention are in the US? ("from around the world (New Zealand, Canada, California, Nevada, Arizona, North Carolina, and more") Is it not visible from f.i. Europe?
tim hem
lol - these times are doing my head in.
Fraser can you just check the figures you have listed, cos they dont make sense. If it is definately starting at 2pm PDT (the show start), then that would be 21:00 UTC (GMT). The transit starts at 22:04 UTC.
im guessing thats whats making folk confused
tim hem
+Max Huijgen , it happens during europes night, so no its not visible
Thanks for the calendar. That made it easy.
Very cool can't wait to watch.

This is a prime example of the love part of my love/hate relationship with the internet.
What website is best to watch from?
Great initiative. How much percent of the sun will be covered? At max. And can it be seen with protective glasses?
+Thomas Cogan The best website to watch is right here on Google+. It's going to be a Hangout on Air.

+Sanjay Mehrotra The Sun will only be covered a few percent. The black spot of Venus will slowly cross the surface of the Sun.

Yes, you'll be able to see it with protective glasses, but make sure they're safe.
I'll be there. thanks i ;love those masters of our past.This year there is 3 eclipsies the last one our sun lines up with the center of the galazy...
this seems like is very cool; and big
ill be on the web watching it thx man
This year is. These happings are like 10,000 years. AS FAR AS COMETS GO I THINK IT Was 2005 we saw one's that only come around every 5,000 years? The year we saw Hailey comet.
I tried to find that song a woman sing's from the 60s.All lines are tied up on utube?But this is also a big day for those who think the son of the satan is near,.????
what time will it be here in california? i need to know so i can be awake at that time ITS  URGENT IF YOU DONT TELL ME IM GOING TO DIE!!!!!!!!!!
You're not going to die. It'll be a tiny spot going across the face of the Sun. It'll begin around 3 pm in California.
I might  the space ship is due to come and get me.HA.HA.
I was just re-listening to the Astronomy Cast on the subject. Fraser, you made mention of a BBQ that we're all invited to. What should I bring?
Do you need glasses or something? I don't wanna go blind lol
Brilliant. What an absolute bugger that im now going into work, i really want to be part of this historic moment
That was Venus when it passed in front of the Sun 8 years ago. It won't happen again for another 105 years.
Fraser! Will I be able to see this in Texas? Id look at the calender but I can't access links through my mobile phone. And I won't have access to a computer till after the event. Lol talk about bad timing. Much appreciated!
Yes, it'll start around 5 pm in Texas.
I would love too see it live with everyon
When does this happen? I will watch.... Or not
Yet another reason to love and use Google+
i will w8 for that.. i will wake up early for that, to watch this event,..
Will be watching Venus at 5:15am in the United Kingdom.
Chan Li
I will be waiting 
Fraser - I think it should be 4PM EDT and 1PM PDT, no?  UTC is EDT+4 hours during daylight saving time...Ah, I just read through more comments and saw this has been mentioned already and edited this post.

it`s a god`s gift(astronomical)  to human being,whom,to see the wonderful, nature`s rare scene
Not to be a pedant, but PDT is UTC-07:00 and EDT is UTC-04:00. The listed times don't make a lot of sense. I assume the PDT/EDT times are correct and the UTC conversion is in error?
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