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Fraser Cain is hanging out with 3 people right now in a live Hangout On Air!Nicole Gugliucci, Ian O'Neill, and Nancy Atkinson
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Join a video call with Fraser Cain and 3 others
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Loving your Canuck Scruff, Fraser.
Hope the recording works - parents' evening at school tonight!(UK)
+Fraser Cain I think it'd be awesome to have a worldwide star party... could have European night sky with others doing solar observation.
It's completely understandable Nicole. Thesis sounds like hell, wish you luck on it.
Havent the resilience of life shown, that we cant expect to limit condition demands? Once its up and running rather harsh enviroments can support life?
+Ian O'Neill Wouldn't finding an atmosphere quite similar to Earth's be extremely indicative of having carbon-based life on it...? Since the oxygen in our atmosphere is a result of life occurring?
Oxygen with other things like methane in the atmosphere would be unstable, and indicate something screwy is going on, like life.
TPF's budget will be almost as big as the whole ISS. It'll be great when we can build it.
Also we know how much effect life have had on earth, have anyone looked into projecting further into a future how life can change the planetary conditions?
When I see 'Earthlike' in a headline, my first thought is "How so?"
The Webb has gone way over budget. I wondered if building a Saturn V first, to launch an 8 meter scope would have been cheaper. Something like that might work for TPF. SLS will be expensive, if built, but will have a big fairing.
Speaking of SETI, are any of you attending SETICon this summer in the SF Bay Area?
I always hear about participating with SETI from home, but I always forget to check it out. It's now added to my bookmarks for after this show.
What I said earlier about price of TPF, was misremembering. I was actually remembering the price of the Terrestrial Planet Imager project, which was a collection of telescopes larger than the JWST all flying together, doing optical interferometry.
I've supported SETI@Home for over a decade. Never ran the screen saver much - as that consumes CPU time, and slows computation. Now, my video card supports some projects. Much faster.
Can't wait for LSST - data overload. But we'll see all sorts of things happening. Kepler has found lots of stuff by opening the time domain.
Radio astronomy collects photons too.
There are several BOINC projects on Astronomy, for example: Einstein@Home, Milky@Home, Cosmology@Home
+Nicole Gugliucci - what is your thesis? (if you don't mind sharing) and is there an easy way to get started in radio astronomy? I'm curious about it.
+Theramansi Lion Love me some BOINC. When i'm on campus learning on how I can study the Universe, my PCs can crunch some numbers! amazing program. :)
Sounds like my in-laws when they visit.
My astronomy club has an active radio group. The radio noise near my house is worse than the light pollution.
BOINC is awesome. My last box is still running Einstein@Home and SETI@home. Friend of mine has been running SETI@Home for a decade.
Earth was pretty life hostile when life started, as far as i can tell.
Probably the big issue is what circumstances are stable and chemically active enough that life can evolve and develop as fast or faster than we have.
Liquid ammonia could probably work as a life-sovent
I think I remember Dawkins saying something along the lines of "it's very likely that life in the Universe is not only weirder than we imagine, but weirder than we can imagine" :)
Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing
Jodrell Bank is great, went for StarGazing Live
Is there a public Google Calendar set up for your events?
+Damien Trinh I didn't go, cuz I live in the U.S. But I did watch last years event online, and it was great!
+Gary Gonnella I sent you a message a few days ago on my stream, mentioning you. Had a couple questions for you if you have the time. :) my email is in my profile if you'd like to communicate that way. Thanks
Can't ever get these to pull up live. Always too choppy :[
Hi Fraser, is there something wrong with the video file, won't play now.
I apologize the delay, there was a problem with the download, it's missing the first 10 minutes or so. :(
No problem, Fraser. I've been sharing these each week in my online intro astronomy classes. The students love them and they make for great discussions. Thanks much to you and everyone for doing these.
google hangouts, I thought it was a free but then its not!,.. can you help me guys? i wanna call from Philippines to Japan! any body can help?
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