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Day 26 of the 30-Day Communities Challenge

We're starting to come out of the mad frenzy after the initial launch of the Communities feature of Google+. Some Communities are thriving, others have been abandoned, colonized by spammers. 

Now the real work begins. Community owners want to make these shared spaces where people can come together to discuss the topics that fascinate them. That's going to take hard work, discipline, and at the very least: showing up every day.

I'm looking forward to future tools from Google that will make moderating these Communities easier.

I wonder what this is all going to look like in a year from now, or even two years from now, when the confusion and angst has subsided. 

In other news, I'd like to thank +zhang hong for regularly posting amazing photos into the Space community. Wonderful work, your pictures have delighted us this whole month.
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I definitely appreciate the effort you're making +Fraser Cain! Our small Materials Science community tapped out at 500 members or so, but it's about perfect, and we have good engagement.  Shows that size isn't everything.
I'm doing pretty well with mine. I don't care how big it is because we talk. Scoble didn't do us any good; he just brought ghosts and spam and trolls.
Not crazy about this shot, odd white fringe from cutting and pasting in an image editor, clearly rotated into an orientation you would never see through a scope or with the naked eye.
I have enjoyed and participated in a few communities.  Fraser and William thanks for all you do.
Likewise +Gary Ray R - your experience in the field is extremely helpful. At least in the Materials Science community, it seems very well received.
NO FLASH ?? HOW THE....??? :D
Great work Fraser, once again you have changed the landscape ;-)
am looking fro who to love me
Is it just me or is this thread bringing out the crazies and bots?
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