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Super Science Circle - expanded

We had a great discussion yesterday about who might make good recommended science suggestions for the "Find Interesting People" section of Google+.

I was surprised to discover many new active and sciency people suggested, which I've now incorporated into my super science circle.

So, I'm resharing it. As always, import these people into a brand new circle, and then move people over into your permanent circles.

Reshare this post, to get the science out to as many as people as possible
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Thanks for sharing this circle. I've added it :-).
Oy! How is +Karyn Traphagen not in this circle?? Yes, she's my wife, but I know many of the people in the circle would recommend her as one of the most interactive science people online.
I'm actually interested in a "smart" or "curated" circle. One that I can use for a constant source of new people. As I find plussers I like from the smart circle, I organize them into my respective circles.
Why isn't prof Brian Cox on Google yet? Someone convince him to join!
So this is why my phone is blowing up this morning!
This is a fantastic circle, it was the circle that changed my mind about G+.
+Fraser Cain Thanks for sharing, Fraser. Named mine the SUPER SCIENCE CIRCLE OF DOOOOOM. I find it extremely apropos. :)
I have interacted with so many great, smart people in this circle- thanks so much for keeping me in there! :)
+Fraser Cain can I make a suggestion? Since you've shared this circle a number of times, it would be useful to me to see who the new people are. If you would tag the names of the new folks in the post, then it would be easier for me to sift through the additions without having to go through the whole thing again. Also, you need to add +Mike Brown ! :-) I guess that's two suggestions.
+Charles Carrigan in the shared circle box you can sort for "newly added" there is a dropdown on the upper left side of the box. :)
Jun C
G+ definitely needs more science luv... awesome circle +Fraser Cain !
I forgot to mention +Dave Cole yesterday...
Thanks +mary Zeman I'll check that out. .... OK, checked it out, and the "recently updated" filter still showed 236 names, many of which I know are not newly added to the circle. So, didn't really work, unfortunately, unless I'm doing it wrong.
May I suggest adding +Amanda Bauer, a post-doc astronomer from the US, now working in Sydney. (She's also been featured in many of the "60 Symbols" videos from the University of Nottingham.)
+Charles Carrigan some of those profiles should have little circles on them, meaning they are already in your circles. the profiles without the little circle are the ones newly added...
+Jeff Hasnas That recommendation has been made to G+. I'm sure it's on their list o' features somewhere.
+J. Arthur Lee Just import the circle into a temporary circle. Then turn the noise slider way down.
Great resource! Thanks +Fraser Cain. As the science reporter at Greenwire, would love to be added.
Thanks for sharing, I had some of them and will have to dig through the rest to see who else I should add.
always excited to see your science circle updated... people need to talk about science more. oh by the way... when you click the "add circle" link.. you can choose an existing circle and it only adds the new ones. but it never hurts to refresh the science circle completely every once in awhile.
Up to 447 people in one circle now. Think i'll soon split it in two separate ones. Thnx for sharing the circle!
+mary Zeman yes, I understand the circle symbol, but the problem is this: I've gone through this circle before and taken some folks out that I don't want to follow. So I can't just look at who doesn't have a circle icon next to their name/picture. I don't want to have to go through the whole thing again, but I would like to know who the new folks are so I could take a look at them.
Still don't see +Karyn Traphagen in it. I guess a Shared Circle is frozen in time, until it's re-shared by the creator.
LOL OK...hard to keep down a husband who happens to think his wife is amazing! ;-)
+Fraser Cain : I just learned something I didn't expect: evidently I'm still ego-fragile. I've left this circle (with perfectly good reason, which I will correct). I've expected this for some time, having been busy elsewhere until recently. What I honestly didn't expect was the small poignant burst of rueful self-deprecation I felt to discover the consequence. Maybe you've given me a kick in the pants that'll motivate me to re-engage. I'm amused I needed it. Incidentally, keep up the good work, +Fraser Cain, and by all means curate, curate curate. Seek quality and engagement.
+Thomas Tucker Oh, you used to be in the circle and then I removed you? I typically do that for inactivity. :-(
Jesse H
Thank you for this +Fraser Cain and all of the other great names in this circle.
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