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Fraser Cain hung out with 7 people.Gary Gonnella, Chris Ridgway, Stuart Forman, Ahmet KALE, Pamela Gay, Mike Phillips, and Roy Salisbury
Virtual Star Party - Apr. 22, 2012
Fraser Cain and 7 others participated
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I'm converting some Venus footage I took last night. I'll post it here once it's in a better format
I hope it's clear here in NY for the transit. I am hoping to be letting people view it through my scope at a local observatory.
While you're by Mars, can you show us M95 and the super nova?
Thank you again for this Virtual Star Party!
And if the DSLR isnt fullframe sensor, there's a multiplication factor. eg: on my scope, 2032mm focal length is multiplied by 1.6x because of the smaller camera sensor size.
LOVE the Dob behind you Frazer! :)
I have Mars and Saturn as well, but they will have to wait as I have an appointment to go to. I'll post them on my page later today
When I'am looking through my telescope its amazing how fast the "sky moves" When I am aligning my GoTo Dob, after I find the star, I have to move my scope constantly to track it. Its a credit to how fast the earth spins.
Is it just me or is the hangout stuck on +Roy Salisbury? Not that I'm hating on you, Roy... just can't get a look at the different telescopes.
Fraser usually controls the view. Try clicking on one of the other images. 
My view is stuck on Roy too.
change views so we can all see please
Am I lagging or can you not see these posts?
Still on Roy.
Murphy's Law is Rock and Roll tonight :)
Thanks all. Would like to see M95 next week please.
Thanks for all the views, and nice to see all the scopes. Have a great night everyone.
Yea.. I can't get back in now .. so its totally messed up.
Thanks. Everyone. I really enjoyed seeing the equipment.
Well, I think I got enough camera time to last 4 star parties... Too bad it was not very interesting... sorry.
+Fraser Cain, I should be ready to participate with Southern Hemisphere images in late May or June, using remotes telescopes in Chile.

Good show tonite!!
Fantastic job everyone. I loved watching and learning. One of these days +Chris Ridgway we will get us a 14".
Was VERY interesting and I learned a lot. A minor glitch that I am sure will be fixed next week. Thank you all for giving your time to people like me. Your knowledge is invaluable. Can't wait for next week :)
I was thinking the Meade LX200 16" Observatory class.
Sorry +Fraser Cain and +Pamela Gay Missed it , caught up in a meeting. Dono when people will come on time. Will go through the video anyway !
Dang, I missed it! I've been outside trying to catch a photo of the nova but I have a hard time figuring out the spot.
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