Trying to get more organized here. Here's the upcoming episode of Astronomy Cast we'll be recording next Monday.
Join +Fraser Cain and +Pamela Gay for a live recording of Astronomy Cast. We'll spend about 30 minutes discussing the topic at hand, and then we'll stick around and answer your questions about space and astronomy with a panel of experts and other space friends.

I'm not sure if the timezones are getting all messed up, but we record at:
12:00 pm PST
3:00 pm EST
20:00 GMT

Astronomy Cast, Ep. 289: Cherenkov Radiation

Sure, our atmosphere protects us from a horrible Universe that's trying to kill us, but sometimes it prevents us from learning stuff too. Case in point, the atmosphere blocks highly energetic particles from reaching our detectors. But there's a way astronomers can still detect their influence: Cherenkov Radiation; the cascade of radiation that blasts out as a high-energy particle makes its way through the atmosphere, like a radioactive rainshower.

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