Right from the beginning of Google+, many of us realized that this network was a place you could come and connect with the people who share your interests. But the technology encouraged a Facebook-like connection with your friends and family.

Now Google+ fully supports this "interest network" model with the powerful new Communities support. 
Google+ Communities - Here Is Why It Will Change EVERYTHING!

Over the last several weeks I have been in multiple discussions with Google employees, Google+ super users and pretty much everyone in social media discussing how Google+ could catch and surpass Twitter and Facebook.  Well, today Google+ released that product - Google+ Communities.

The biggest limitation to Google+ is the inability to direct outgoing posts to a specific audience.  As I have stated many times, I would love to go into "Twitter" or interest mode during a college football game and post short bursts of meaningful information.  Unfortunately, my following on Google+ does not want to see Jesse Wojdylo talking about sports at a clip of 20 posts per hour.  They would rather see long, well thought out posts like this one.  This limited me in my niche of sports, finance and events.

That has all changed with Google+ communities.  I will now have the ability to create a community of sports fans in which I am the moderator.  If the fans do not like my high level of activity during sporting events they can simply leave the community or not check the community page during major events that I am watching or attending.  I know, I know, but Jesse why don't you just use Twitter.  Well, here is why....

"There are four modes for creating a Google+ Community, two public and two private. All content from public groups is indexed and discoverable through search on Google+. You can create a public group that anyone can join and post to or one where only moderators can post but anyone can comment and view. You can also create a private group that is members only but which can be discovered by search."

Yes. Yes! YES!!!

If you look at some of my past discussions this is exactly what we have all been looking for.  The ability to have a private discussion with a specific group that can also be discovered in search.  I cannot even express how amazing this is.  When I am going crazy and posting about the BCS National Championship game all of my following will not see it but those searching phrases on Google+ will see the community and recognize me as a "somewhat" expert on this subject.  YES!

Google+, you did it.  You did exactly what we asked and I cannot thank you enough.  

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