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me hung out with 17 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Amy Shira Teitel, Scott Lewis, Philip Plait, Pamela Gay, Fraser Cain, Christian Schaller, Jason Major, Emily Lakdawalla, Miles O&#39;Brien, Dave Mosher, Scott Maxwell, Ly Ly, SETI Institute ., Barbara Cohen, Mike Brown, David Knight, and Sawyer Rosenstein
Virtual Landing Party for the Curiosity Lander
Fraser Cain and 17 others participated
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Thanks for doing this, my two boys and I are staying up to watch the hangout unfold. 
Hooray I made it :D I am excite!
Is the higher resolution due to a larger chute or better viewing geometry?
Excitement Level: 149% 
Nervousness Level: 66%
+Jaime Cordova You should be able to watch the landing on the NASA tv online channel from your iPhone.
Hi +Fraser Cain  and  +Pamela Gay  from North East China, bouncing through a UK IP just so I can tune in.  
Super hangout you guys.  Gonna be here for the duration.
Okay. Figured it out. Good deal. 
I've been working in Planetary science for 10 years, and the only launch I've seen was a military com sat in 2007 (during the DPS meeting in Orlando)...
04.20 for me.!! Just woke up ,I must be mad
Why is the Distance and altitude on eyes different? there's about a 400km variance
So is this thing landing at 11:30 EST or 1:30 EST?
This is so great. Nergasm is imminent!
Question: Do we have any updates on the Odyssey rollover manoeuvre, and whether we have it in position to relay telemetry?
Question: When will I see Neil deGrasse Tyson in a hangout???
I've got you guys on the PC and NASAtv's feed going on my phone next to me (muted, of course, so I can hear the Hangout!).
Are the pictures from the mission going to be posted soon after they are received like they were/are with Spirit and Opportunity?
So what happens to all of the stuff that gets dropped on the way down? How large will the debris trail be?
+Faiz Imam - Distance is the distance to the landing site.  Altitude is how high MSL is above the Martian surface.
What is the transmission time to receive information from the lander to earth?
youtube is blowing up with comments.  We live in a great time.
Got Mars in my eyepiece right now. Small but sooooo cool to be watching it and here at the same time.
Everything will be fine, I played this game about 20 times on xbox live--easy peasy!
I like the fact that before it drops the heat shield, it looks like we're sending a flying saucer to Mars. :-)
At what time does Curiosity land on Mars?
We're having our own hangout as we've been looking forward to this for ages (I'm in the UK but staying up all night!). Have fun you guys, here we go! :D 
Is there a designated chat room for a hangout? I see this thread on Fraser's profile, I see comments under the video (which I don't know how to add to), I see live comments on the YouTube confused right now! :?
When we say Mach 2, are we talking about Mach 2 at that particular altitude in the Martian atmo or Mach 2 relative to Earth? If the former, how many km/h is that?
Question: Did we actually do a full scale test of this rocket and sky crane idea here on Earth?
Annoying that Eyes on the Solar system doesn't work on Linux.
will any probe on Mars or opportunity be able to image curiosity's descent and landing?
500,000 lines of code?  what language, what processor ?   where can I get some details?
what's the technology/fuel of the backpack rockets?
Cool! First time trying this so this should be fun to watch!
June Lockhart! She was also Lassie's mother, even longer ago!
Pamela, your blouse and necklace combo makes you look a little "Ancient Egyptian". lol!
I'm awake, and excited +Jenny Winder - if there is anything left uncrossed I don't know what it is, lol :-)

Man, I love living in the 21st century :-D
does Vegas have over/under on the landing? ;) jk
Yes, it will be live, they are using neutrinos to send a video stream through subspace. 
How long after landing will we get results from testing theoretically? How long is the rover expected to last?
what kind of redundancies are built into each of the flight stages? Like a second parachute or secondary explosive bolts?
Good luck, Curiosity!  (From Ottawa, Canada!)
Question: If the parachute was to fail, is MSL programmed to just keep firing those rockets and try to land safely
Question #1) Did Curiosity kill the cat?  #2) Do mini nuclear reactors bounce?
Have you guys ever thought about how we are now the UFO/Aliens descending onto another planet? And do you think we'll one day have a "Stranger in a Strange Land" scenario where we'll have someone who's human by ancestry but Martian by birth?
All communications are through the orbiters? The rover won't contact Earth directly?
+Fraser Cain - Beyond simulations, how was the landing system, specifically the jetpack and movements tested?
Does anyone know what the data transfer rate is? Is it better this time around compared to the previous rovers?
What is the physical, in contrast to budgetary, lifetime of the rover?
Question: Will the 4 fps HD video of the landing be transmitted? maybe later on?
so obviously solar doesn't cut it with this rover?
I know this has been asked before, but why did go for this type of landing instead of those of the other landers?
Why can't I add comments to the Hangout page?  Most of the comments don't seem to be coming from science-folk.
Mars Polar Lander failed (probably) due to a problem with its ground contact sensor misreading vibrations as contact. How much more robust is the contact sensor subsystem for Curiosity?
Certified by TEPCO.. Hah, nice one Miles
Saw this great quote over on Spaceflight Now: "Adam Steltzner, the leader of the Entry, Descent and Landing team at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., said today that he was "rationally confident, emotionally terrified.""

Couldn't have said it better myself.
Q?- is this the first mission that NASA has allowed "real time" (off world)
imagery for the public?
Q - What's the contingency if something goes horribly wrong and the rover is not functional.  Is there another ready to launch?
Please don't be Al Capone's Vault
Everybody on the mission knows what can and can't go wrong -- the last time I was at JPL for a Mars mission, the Mars Polar Lander was supposed to land. It didn't, at least not in the way we'd all hoped.  So, those specters are in people's minds, I'm sure -- but I have great confidence that this baby will land safely!
How long will Curiosity remain operable? What are its main mission objectives?
The Laws of Fraser! 1st: Brave the weather
QUESTION: What previous technology has been incorporated and built upon?

There's talk of the brand new stuff, but I'm curious what we've learned from the past and were able to incorporate again. The pyro and parachute looks almost Victorian and it is amazing to see it combined with cutting edge robotics and scientific equipment. I'm curious what history we can see in the Curiosity.
The storm we just had in NYC was pretty brutal;  don't blame him for staying home.
Did he sa6y they're starting up the Nuke fuel creation again? I can hardly hear him?
Coming up on #MSL 'crossing' Orbit of Deimos in about 5 minutes
+Fraser Cain You might want to replace the current embed or add the live stream video in the event description so that folks coming to this page can watch straight away without having to hunt for it.
I do not have a question but just wanted to say thanks for setting up this great hangout.   It is wonderful to see such excitement.
Q: After rover lands can will the simulation at be 'event driven from real 'telemetry'  I've run it out to 8-9am and excepting the Mar rotation, there is no rover mission movement?
I gotta say, this is cool as hell, you guys!! GREAT work and thanks SOO much for doing these types of things!! Kudos to you and all, Fraser!
Oh man, this is so cool! It looks like there's a people partying tonight
As Sir Alex Ferguson says, it's "squeaky bum time."
is there a chat room for this hangout anywhere ?
Heh this stinks. Clearest sky out tonight in weeks.
what to do...
+Fraser Cain Did you intentionally disable comments on the event page? Looks like you can add photos, but no comments.
They gotta mind those heat rays. RT @marstoday The Martian Defense Force does not seem to have noticed @MarsCuriosity- no interceptors cited ;-) #MSL
Yay! I'm in. Thanks for the link Pam. :)
Nasa HD feed on xbox live, Live feed with Phil Plait, Pamela Gay, et al on the PC.  Life is good.
JPL is trending world wide on twitter !
What would be preferable? Surface return mission, or on site analysis?
Fraiser: I coudn't get the java app working either, but the "classic" version seems to be more compatible, try it?
Dunno who was having trouble getting Eyes to work on his MacBook - you have to enable Java, look for the almost blacked out button to click on the main Eyes page of your browser window. You'll have to restart the browser for it to work. Just got it running on my MBA.
On Eyes on the Solar System, if you look BEHIND MSL as it cruises along, you see the Sun and five other planets in a conjunctive line along the blanket of space! GORGEOUS view!!
Same here- just got it working on our Macbook (using Mountain Lion), but I had to do it in Safari- I wasn't able to get the Java Runtime to install from Chrome
tim hem
whats the max watts curiosity supply can can deliver ...and what range of voltages are supplied to the various bits of equipment
Question: Does the interior laboratory have ways to "sterilize" its instruments between tests to keep from cross-contaminating samples?
Curiosity may have killed the cat, but a cat with no curiosity is called a scarf.
did NASA build two rovers? just in case this fails is there another one?
Thanks for covering that Phil, I was wondering about the acceleration myself
FYI: 47,000 viewers at NASA's Ustream, 8,500 viewers at the World Science Festival site, plus however many thousands watching here and at Youtube and at parties around the world. 

Wow I haven't been on YouTube in a while... So many of the YouTube commenters on this stream are the scum of the Earth, and I'm mostly just on there at this point to flag people =_=
+Andrew Anonuevo You build two rovers so you can test commands and software changes on the local one before ruining the remote one.
They have good taste tonight, at least. 5,200 viewers at the moment on Youtube.
doesn't get much more epic than this. I'm watching this from a wine cellar
Will the Hang Out include the live stream from NASA or PBS during the landing itself?
@someonewhoknows What is the planned total distance the rover is going to travel during its primary mission? I.E., how far is the rover going to rove?
1 hour 10 minutes until separation! 
This eyes on the solar system online simulator is the greatest thing ever.
Is the Google hangout experiencing solar flare interference?
We're 90 mins away from waiting 12 hours to 3 days to find out if it actually landed!
Is the MSL still creating force towards Mars or did it shut off and let gravity/momentum take over?
It's ballistic at the moment. No propulsion 
20 seconds until they turn off the transmitter and give the last command to the spacecraft.
What time do they turn on the machine that goes PING?
Hello World from Grycksbo - Sweden
Listening to Tangerine Dream's, "Rocking Mars" album as I watch! ;)
tim hem
he engages with people too, a top bloke
Youtube comments are scrolling faster than Curiosity is traveling at the moment.
Transmitter is off! On its own now...
What's everyone's scariest part of the EDL? Mine is the parachute deploy. At 1000 mph, and 9 G's , supersonic parachute deployment. YIKES. Fingers crossed!
The NASA feed seems geared towards children.
totally better than the nasa feed. I have it on the ipad and you on the big screen along with Eyes on the Solar System. 
How much traveling is the rover planned to do during its primary mission?
NASA is mostly background chatter with reiterations of the landing procedure in overdub. At least, that's what I hear when ever I take the time to listen to it.
Whats the local time on the landing site? Mars Standard Time (MST)?
When I tuned in earlier at NASA they were really pushing STEM for kids.  They showed a very moving clip on some of the efforts to get kids interested in STEM by getting them to plan and build their own colony on Mars.  It was very moving, and I commend their efforts.  They should do that more often and on a wider scale.
kinda cool to see the delay, got the nasa feed live and the eyes on the solar system sim.
 @MarsCuriosity is now flying autonomously and is on it's own closing in on Mars. There are no more commands from Earth.
QUESTION: What previous technology has been incorporated and built upon?

There's talk of the brand new stuff, but I'm curious what we've learned from the past and were able to incorporate again. The pyro and parachute looks almost Victorian and it is amazing to see it combined with cutting edge robotics and scientific equipment. I'm curious what history we can see in the Curiosity.
+Fraser Cain +Philip Plait +Pamela Gay  #MarsHangout  
Earlier, it was mentioned that Curiosity's nuclear power source was sufficiently shielded such that a catastrophic event would not result in a large radioactive discharge. Wouldn't the negligible atmosphere make even a large shielding failure insignificant?
Can you all speak about the nuclear engine's degradation per the impact jolt from landing?
And how much did the Knight computer glitch cost the other day? Much more than Curiosity.
Will Curiosity, always travel at the slow speed I see in the rolling test?
Or can it go at a faster pace?
Good morning everyone!! ( 6.15am here in Sweden!) what an exciting morning I have ahead :-)
@JPL what is the physical force that correlates peanuts with successful landings?
I wonder if peanut M&Ms count. I have some Dark Chocolate ones  ;)
Has anyone gone to Times Sq?  Is there a good crowd there?
Io FTW!  Europa vs Mars?  Bah, Io.
[Question] Both of the previous two rover missions went way over their planned lifetime, and Voyager is still returning data. When signing up for a NASA mission, how do you plan a career around the possibility that the two year mission will become a twenty year mission?
Hi Barbara Cohen!
Watching your hangout, NASA TV + the Eyes on the Solar System simulator. Thinking back to watching coverage of John Glenn orbiting the earth on a black-and-white TV in my grade-school cafeteria back 50 years ago. The future is awesome!
Morning from the UK. just woke up and it's 5:19am. cant wait for it. fingers crossed guys
Wow, what a distinguished cast here in the Hangout. Impressive.  Thanks to all those providing information tonight.
It certainly would be interesting to attempt a landing on Io.  I would love to see it happen in my lifetime.  But it doesn't have much chance for life, so the funding isn't there.  And the lack of a substantial atmosphere and Io being deep in Jupiter's gravity well doesn't help.
Putting in a late night here in New Brunswick, Canada to see history made...again. :)
I LOVE watching your all's comradery! It really helps bring all this together in a really human way, getting to 'know' you all as a group! One of the main reasons I enjoy this work of yous, Fraser! Really makes it all that much more organic for your audience!
No, they purposely turned off the transmitter :)
Mission Control feed dropped out for 3-4 minutes. Back now.
+Fraser Cain 

Shortly after 12am EDT, the entry, descent, and landing (EDL) team should be making a final go or no go decision for turning off the command uplink from Earth to the spacecraft. After the uplink is disabled, MSL is completely on its own.

It's normal for them to lose contact, I believe.   Or rather, the sending of commands.  I assume it sends a command with the cruise stage separation?
The feed did not disappear, at least not for me. Great work everyone!
Good morning guys from the UK .Hope I'm not to late 
The only "signals" Curiosity is sending to Earth right now are simple tones, basically a ping
tim hem
+Jonathan Langdale - i dont understand what happens if its a no, what other option could there be
Hello from Seattle! So excited, watched the Phoenix landing live four years ago with friends and now thrilled to watch Curiosity continue the exploration!
Let's goooo Curiosity,
What's funny to me is that at 10:31 PDT everyone on Earth is going to say, "well, uhm, ok, now what?", and we probably won't know for about 8 hours, but maybe as much as 3 days, if it landed successfully. This is going to be very anticlimactic, I predict.
Relay orbiters Go for support. All on target. Looking good #MSL
NASA confirms on target. Minor glitches with terminal. 
But won't the Morse code give the parasitic species from Independence Day a code breaker for the post invasion comm solution?
I'm happy Michael Bay has nothing to do with this at all.
Argh! All these people talking about doing things and going places that I'll likely never do. :(
What? Who doesn't know, who Mike Brown is? The Pluto Killer!
My favorite bit of Mike Brown trivia is that asteroid 11714Mikebrown's wikipedia page claims "Mikebrown is unusually eccentric and not very bright."
he's projecting because hes on mars
Are any of the hangees monitoring comments in the hangout itself?
Distance is to the landing site.  Altitude is direct distance to the surface.  "Distance" is longer because the landing site is near the limb.
Mission Control is briefing on the many, many circumstances of likely (and nominal) data dropout from MSL through EDL.
I would have thought that 'altitude' was straight-line distance to the surface, and 'distance' was the actual flight distance to the landing point? 
If we were to place an orbital telescope around mars like Keppler or Hubble, would this new vantage point be far enough to give us a significantly different point of view into deep space?
Since Curiosity will not be heading 'straight down' or directly to the surface?
45 minutes from entry #MSL One way comms. Curiosity talking to us, we are not talking to her
+Teale Britstra Distance is the slant distance to the landing site.  I don't think it is flight distance, though they are pretty comparable.
I think we can get a base set up on Mars within three years. All we have to do is tell BP that we found oil there.
This is a fun and informative hangout. A memorable night for sure. Thanks to all. 
Hello, all.
Is the velocity increasing because of the gravity of Mars?
I can tell that everyone at Mission Control is in 7-minutes-of-terror mode right now!
+Graham Herbert That was my hunch. However, I'm curious if that difference would allow us to get new data or insights from comparing both data sets, perform some triangulation of some kind.
This hangout is SO much more interesting than the NASA feed. Why is NASA sucking the interest out of the this exciting event? 
tim hem
i think when they show the control room on nasa feed, its great - you can sense the tension
Curiosity isn't allowed to look for life on Mars because it's a god awful small affair... ;)
Junk discarded: 2 titanium blocks, heat shield, parachute, sky crane assembly...
Anyway to design a "helicopter Crane",instead a Sky Crane? 
Altitude of Phobos orbit is 5981 km
"Curiosity" is such a boring Transformer name too. Much better suited for a science mission.
So we haven't passed Phobos orbit yet.
It's accelerating at 0.31 meters per second.
I think he writes code.
Mission Control reports "MSL system mode is 'EDL MAIN' ".
My little guy is trying so hard to stay awake...he's resorted to jumping jacks to do so. He is one determined 7 year old.
One thing I haven't quite understood yet: precisely houw long will it be before we receive images back on Earth of Mitt Romney's overlords?
tim hem
Mars 38deg FOV
Mission Control reports "Mars is 36 degrees 'in the window'"
How do they test the landing on earth? Is it all simulated?
From the NASA feed: All EDL transition to EDL MAIN are GREEN! Getting ready to start landing.
tim hem
curiosity in fantastic shape for EDL
Morning from a grey UK. Been up for 2 hours catching up, GO Curiosity!
Just about 15 mins until things start to happen
Just passed the orbit of Phobos.
Can the rover survive if one rocket fails?
Won't there still be lots of dust from the rockets at 21 feet?
How about some beer with those peanuts !!!
What's the fastest predicted velocity for the rover?  At what point will it attain that speed?
You know, this may seem like a funny question, but with this rover supposedly being able to last two years, is it possible that the cameras on it could actually film the NEXT rover coming in and landing and stream it back?? Kind of like a "proof for the doubters/conspiracy theorists" type of thing... I think that would be amazing in a few years... 
tim hem
yes, it will definately land just fine
@Scientists: what physical force is responsible for correlating peanut energy and successful landings?????
Xbox has a live event app which is nice because it frees up my computer to do this.
Did they decide this time to use the same measurement units?
Where is that SEXY FLY ATTENDANT with my peanuts.... Lol
Waiting for Odyssey to say it's in position to listen
It has a overal historical chance of 47% success. 
I fear for the parachute!!!
tim hem
I read that the Nasa eyes bit of software is brought to you from a regular on BAUT forum...great job dj
"it's easy for this not to work" NASA TV interview on communication
Miles is right - we disassembled some great teams in the past due to lost funding. 
Any updates on whether Odysee will be able to proxy the feed? It should have turned by now..
Given the current focus on the debt, despite the tiny impact from canceling the mission, the money probably goes away.
KIDS! Don't make me stop this car!!
one of the signs in the JPL room says FuK U
Why don't our scientists create their own funding streams not dependent on federal streams?
My first Google+ Hangout.  This is so cool.  You guys will always be the real Rock Stars to me.  Nice to see everyone's hard work getting some real mainstream pub!  Gotta love technology!
crusie stage hardware powering off
A revenue stream requires the creation of profitable project.  Are you suggesting a multi-billion dollar Kickstarter project?
i didnt know Victor Ortiz was working for naza
Cool s**t is happening, really? whood of thunk.
Starting venting. Coming up on Cruise Stage Separation #MSL
Fraser, how does JPL compensate for the 8 minute delay between sending a signal and Curiosity receiving it?
Wow, suddenly my stomach is in knots! Nerves!!!
last row, behind uplink lead, the name tag says FuK U
Reminds me of the Saturn flyby atomsphere
So the lander is a little bit early? Favorable tail winds??
How hard is it for JPL ton control descent when it takes 8 minutes for a signal to be received by Curiosity and an additional 8 minutes for JPL to confirm it worked?
Mea culpa.  I thought peanuts were roots.  I didn't know they were related to the legume family.  Albeit, a very weird, growing underground legume.    But they surely aren't a nut.
Some body Give some peanuts to that SEXY ASIAN NARROTOR !!
Cruise Stage Separation. Now coming up on Transition to EDL Communications #MSL
Found nut topping can on shelf meant for ice cream.
NASA Public Ustream:140,000 viewers
NASA Rover Ustream: 121,000
World Science Fest: 19,000
Youtube: 5,800
PBS: 1,500

Totally Awesome
is the Eye on the Solar System real time? or has it technically already (maybe?) landed?
Eye on the Solar System is within a minute of real time.
NASA TV reports "pictures right after landing"????
In reality it has landed. however.  The problem is that Mars is several light minutes away.
Actually it lands in 11 minutes and then we'll know 14 minutes after that.
It is great sharing this with kindred spirits without breaking away for a commercial message
NASA TV is 15 seconds delayed compared to Spaceflight Today.
Sean Tm
can you guys please focus on the mission room & what's going on there instead of you socio-economic politcal commentary?
"The speed of light is annoying." hahaha best quote of the night brought to us from +Pamela Gay 
Sean Tm
WHO CARES_Watch whats going on Now please --thank you!
Please let us know when it communicates in real time
Hi, I cant follow the hangout from germany. Any explanations?
Mission control reports telemetry from Odyssey.
11 to 12 Earth Gs & getting telemetry from Odyssey! #MSL
so many time delays with various TV and internet feeds
What's cool is that each successful phase could be the the culmination of somone's work
this is soooo delayed...sticking with nasa tv.
That's a full room of Smart People!!!
tim hem
yikes, nearly chute time
The images are clearer on NASA TV
Imagine one or more telescope placed on mars surface!
you will take stereoscopic photographs of galaxies !!!
obviously  using  form earth the blu filter and  from mars red filter :-)
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