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Playing with a new lens

I bought a new Canon 50mm f/1.4 lens - I feel like such a grownup, moving beyond the stock 17-55 mm lens on my T3i. The lens is really powerful, and actually quite difficult to get that focus exactly where you want it in the frame. I also realized how much I prefer the 17mm side of things, so I find I'm stepping back much further than I used to. 

It's a brand new learning curve.
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I love the 50mm 1.4 (I've not the same lens - I'm Nikon-ian). Its so awesome how much light you can catch and how much you can play with the DOF! Have fun!
Yes at f1.4 the DOF is pretty thin at typical portrait type distances.
Consider doing a micro-focus adjustment as small errors will contribute  to the issue.  Or just stop down some.
Sharp, fast and light sensitive, with that characteristic unsharp yet recognizable background. Every photographer should have a 50mm with 1.4 or 1.8. Good picture to illustrate what you can achieve with it. Kudos.
Reminds me of my first move beyond the 17-55 mm lens. I too went for a 50mm f/1.4 lens, and like you, found that I had to step back read far to get a shot.
and honestly, I haven't used it since that first experience! hehehe
Oh man, that 1.4 Aperture is amazing. I've got one of those on my wish list, mostly for interior, medium light shots. I'm worried I might have the same issue with you and be too close to things. I lean on the 17mm side of my stock lens a lot as well.
My nifty 50 is one of my favorite lenses.  Particularly on full frame sensor.
I run the 50L f1.2 and 85L f1.2 for my normal focus length primes.  That narrow DOF is very nice but demands great technique.  
Great for portraits. You can really isolate the subject from the background, but as you say it can be tough to get the focus right.
Now for the important question what kind of bike is that.
+Ronny Hippler I have no idea, I just saw it on the street and took a picture. It's a pretty bike.
If you've been using a zoom lens and are looking at getting your first prime (fixed focal length) lens, a good idea may be to look through the EXIF info in the pics you have taken, and check what focal lengths you're predominantly using in your photos. Note that this info is in the JPG's and not just the raw photos, unless you edit/resize them with another tool that removes the info.

BTW: Nice shots.
50mm is a pretty tight perspective on Canon's 1.6x crop.

You should look at the Sigma 30mm f/1.4 I think.  It's perfect on Canon crop bodies IMO.
Nice! The Nifty 50 is my favorite lens. Once you realize the magic of prime lenses, that's all you'll want :-) 
+Tim Glaser The new Sigma 35mm sounds like a pretty awesome lens.  I like taking out different lenses each time.  And 'forcing' myself to use a different focal length.  That way I find I get a wider variety of 'looks'.
the 35mm f/1.4 is a boss lens, but very much more expensive than the crop body only 30mm f/1.4.

Since he's shooting the T3i, unless he's about to step up to a 5Diii or something, best to buy the much more affordable 30mm f/1.4 :D

Unless money is no object, then, buy all of the things!
+Ronny Hippler +Andrew Eva  Thought that was an ER6N for a moment, then realized that's a Versys headlight, but the rest of the body work has been removed.  So Kawasaki Versys.  Either way, good picture of a fun bike.
I think I'll eventually get some kind of zoom lens too, but this  50mm actually feels like a zoom lens to me. I've also got my eye on wide angle zoom lens, like a Tokina 11-16. It would be great for Milky Way photos.
I have a 12-24mm lens for my film camera and it's gloriously wide.  Very fun to take pictures with.
It's a lot of fun. Feels nostalgic. 
I, too, want to know about the bike.  Versys (in Google images) doesn't seem to have that exact clutch cover.  But I like the look of the missing fairing and especially the naked coolant tank.
+Richard Reich It's a 2009 or earlier model.  The clutch cover, headlight, and more than a few other things were changed on the 2010+.
Pretty sure it is a Suzuki sv650.
+Andrew Eva Not even the same type of motor.  The SV650 (and the DL650, which I ride) have the same 90 degree v-twin.  The bike in the picture has a parallel twin.  It's a Kawasaki Versys, from 2009 or earlier model year with the fairing and body work removed.
Do I need to go back and take more photos of it?
Crash your Versys?

Edit: didn't read comments.
If you're looking for more flexibility but with a reasonably fast aperture then something like the 16-50/2.8 which I got with my Sony A77 might be a good idea. For Canon it looks like a similar lens would be this one:

Definitely a big step up in quality and versatility from your standard kit lens, as not only is the maximum aperture wider but you don't really need to stop down to get it sharp...
That is a nice looking lens, and +Rob McDermott... I but it is also 3.5x as expensive as the 50mm 1.4 (on sale on amazon for 300 right now) 
+Andrew Eva I've got to admit that after a day with the 50mm, I kind of miss the versatility of my stock 18-55. But I suspect I'm missing the wide-angle side. The pictures with the 50mm are just so crisp and sharp. So swapping out the stock lens for a much better version could be tempting.

I'll probably get another prime lens in the 20mm range for landscapes and astrophotography. And eventually a telephoto lens.
I've my eye on replacing the kit lense with the EF-S 17-55's very hard to justify costwise though. The canon 50mm 1.8 is pretty good for the price. Plastic/fantastic.
I am about to get the T4i and enter the photography world (along with my movie making) - wouldn't mind the bike either
I had the same experience going from a 35mm zoom to the 50, this lens is great for head shots even in very low light (and it's easy to get amazing backgrounds), but it's a tough lens to use for general shooting!
Nice shot there, btw.
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