Super Science Circle - August 2012 Edition

It's time again for the latest edition of my Super Science Circle. If your stream is stale, import this shared circle and never want for knowledge again. And if anyone ever tells you Google+ is a ghost town, point them at this circle and demand they import it.

Please reshare this list, to help it spread wide and far. Do it! For Science!

If you're interested in my criteria, the circle contains:

1. People active on Google+
2. People who often post about science.

I highly recommend that you import these people into a test circle and then evaluate them over the next month. Move over the people who really delight you to a more permanent circle. Then replace the test circle next month, when I share it again.

If you know anyone who should be included in this list, please let me know.

#sciencesunday   #evang+  
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