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Convert +YouTube Playlists into Podcasts?

My favorite way to consume media is through podcasts. I love how new episodes of the things I follow just show up on my iPhone, ready for listening. It has changed the way I consume media. It makes housework bearable, and gets me walking 10,000 steps a day.

But there's all this media that's totally inaccessible to me because it's on YouTube. I have to sit down at my computer and watch it. For conferences and talks, I don't really need to actually watch the video. Why can't I just listen?

Even if I'm willing to watch YouTube on my iPhone, my crappy 3G account just can't handle the bandwidth.

I wish there was a way I could subscribe to people in YouTube, and their new videos would automatically show up as audio podcasts in iTunes.

What about an audio version of "Watch it Later"?

I'd be happy to listen to short audio ads.

I understand that some video just wouldn't translate, and I wouldn't subscribe to them.

I understand that some video creators wouldn't want their media consumed this way, and should be able to opt out.

I just want to convert as much media as possible into audio, available where ever I am.

Please make it possible +YouTube, please?
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I completely agree, I even tried a few types of conversion software and always ended up with a distorted result.
I use a you tube to MP3 converter. It works great for turning the videos into audio I can then place on my MP3 player. That may be an option for you.
I have a Chrome extension called YouTube Downloader. It doesn't seem to be available any more, but a Google Play search for "YouTube download mp3" or something similar returns several apps.
With how often copyrighted material is on youtube without permission, as a creator of content I'd hate for it to be too easy to just re-appropriate that stuff elsewhere. The people that only care about their own convenience usually aren't creators I find.
Nope it is audio only. So if I subscribed to your channel and wanted to listen to your show while I was at the gym then I could. Then I could come back to the You Tube video post and post my comments or questions for you to answer (or not) at a later time.
Until that day comes do you still make them available as an audio podcast? I know the astronomy case feed used to have them but it seems to be way behind
We're just behind on all fronts, not specifically video->audio
Well there are plenty of things I want that I can't have right least Frasier has a few alternatives if he wants them.
+Pam Adger But I want it! Me! Me!

Seriously, though, if it wasn't copyright infringement, I'd get a method developed. The only way this could happen is if Youtube offered it.
I just don't know enough about copyright law to comment further.
+Fraser Cain I use a website to convert YouTube videos to audio. Give it a try.
+Paul Anderson Okay, you got me 99% of the way there. Kudos. I made a Smart Playlist in iTunes that includes any audio with "Youtube" in the title. Then when I download audio, they automatically show up in that playlist and get synced to the iPhone.

I'd be happy with just a working RSS feed for my Youtube playlist or channel. So i could add it to my podcatcher on my iPhone. That's it. +Google Why won't you make it work??
+Fraser Cain that might work on a PC, but it doesn't work on my iPad or iPhone. I don't use itunes to sync, i use Downcast (excellent app BTW!!). I haven't connected my iPad to a PC for months!
+Jason Stubbs Sure it does, it lets you follow someone's Youtube videos as an RSS feed. I use Reeder on the iPad and it's the most productive way to follow feeds.
+Jason Stubbs But this won't actually download the episodes. The best solution I've seen so far is Give that a try.
+Fraser Cain sorry if this is a double post, I can't see my original post here. Can you send me a link to a feed that you know works? every time i try to rss a youtube channel I'm interested in, I don't see any episodes in Downcast. maybe i need to take a look at Reeder?

I looked at but I couldn't see how that would help me. The site doesn't really give you any info on what you are supposed to do with it.
My solution only works for a news reader, not for actually getting the episodes on your computer.

Regarding Offliberty, copy-paste a Youtube URL into the box. It'll process the video and let you download it, or just the audio.
No, you just download it directly into iTunes. As soon as Offliberty is done, click on the file to download it locally. As soon as you try to play it, it'll be loaded into iTunes.

I created a Smart Playlist in iTunes that adds anything with the subject "YouTube". That gets automatically synced to my iPhone.
No, it's all free. I don't understand.
Oh, no. You would need a paid solution for that. I'd do that through Libsyn.
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