Convert +YouTube Playlists into Podcasts?

My favorite way to consume media is through podcasts. I love how new episodes of the things I follow just show up on my iPhone, ready for listening. It has changed the way I consume media. It makes housework bearable, and gets me walking 10,000 steps a day.

But there's all this media that's totally inaccessible to me because it's on YouTube. I have to sit down at my computer and watch it. For conferences and talks, I don't really need to actually watch the video. Why can't I just listen?

Even if I'm willing to watch YouTube on my iPhone, my crappy 3G account just can't handle the bandwidth.

I wish there was a way I could subscribe to people in YouTube, and their new videos would automatically show up as audio podcasts in iTunes.

What about an audio version of "Watch it Later"?

I'd be happy to listen to short audio ads.

I understand that some video just wouldn't translate, and I wouldn't subscribe to them.

I understand that some video creators wouldn't want their media consumed this way, and should be able to opt out.

I just want to convert as much media as possible into audio, available where ever I am.

Please make it possible +YouTube, please?
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