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Howdy Fraser and Pamela.
How do we buy the Tee Shirt. At first I thought you were getting a new streetcar system up in the north country...and VTA stood for the Vancouver Transit Authority:)
Haha I just shaved mine too. and then i went up to Mt. Wilson. It was sooo cold! I shouldn't have shaved it.
+Fraser Cain Sir, you are a class act. That just rolled out of bed to discuss science look is really workin' for you.
Hi All. Glad to catch this, good timing. :)
What is the Tharsis bulge caused by?
Ahhh. Looking at that date I know why I missed it. ::Shakes fist at crazy schedule:: Thanks +Detlef Kroeze !!
The two big features on Mars: Olympus Mons and the canyon as large as Arizona (talk about a Grand Canyon State)(sorry, I don't know what it's called... hence why I'm asking)... Besides being HUGE features, what's special about them?
They have just revealed a few days ago some particular and interesting clouds formations on Mars. Do you have any info on this?
NEVER want to hear about a Trans Volcanic Ultrasound!
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