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Big Big News From Mars?

The Curiosity team has discovered "something" on Mars that they consider "earthshaking". 

MSL Principle investigator John Grotzinger said this: “This data is gonna be one for the history books,” he said. “It’s looking really good.”

So what is it? Organic molecules? Methane? Evidence that liquid water is close to the surface of Mars?

We have no idea, but as soon as we know, you'll know.
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This is bull just tell us already >.> 
Evidence of ancient tectonic activity, I bet.
Little green men? Bug-eyed Monsters?
Ernest W
Did they find a pack of Twinkies?
If a scientists says something is mildly interesting you know it's bound to be something incredible. If they say it's incredible it's bound to be something controversial.
A leftover alien donught?
Ernest W
One of those damned plastic 6 can rings that will never degrade.
A Starbucks?
No. No big news yet. Not until the duplicate testing. 
I'm probably going out on a limb here, but I'm going to guess that its some sort of rock...
If they do find complex organic matter in the soil, that's sort of big, seeing as how the soil is believed (known?) to be strongly oxidizing. That means that organic molecules get rather quickly broken apart by chemicals in the soil. Complex organic molecules would suggest that some process is continually leading to their formation, that they didn't just arrive on Mars during an impact event long ago.

We'll see what it is, though I really wish NASA wouldn't put these teasers out there. It gets peoples expectations way up. It's like going into a good movie expecting it to be amazing. Even though it's still very good, your high expectations lead to disappointment. But on the other hand, I understand how hard it is to stay quiet when you're excited about something!
Keep in mind that what the media and general public consider "big news" and what a scientist considers "big news" are often entirely different things.
Rather than a discarded pop-top from an ancient martian civilization, it's more likely to be that a slight difference in alkalinity of a soil component lends support to a slightly different theory of ancient Martian climatology that was previously thought to be relatively unlikely, or something along those lines.
Which is a huge scientific discovery, but not earth-shaking in a general sense.
"But NPR reports that Grotzinger says it will take several weeks before he and his team are ready to talk about their latest finding."
+Jason Kruger Obviously they will doublecheck whatever it is they have found. Think about the media hype with the neutrino that supposedly went faster than light. 
Hmm. Seems to me NASA has gone off half-cocked before. Let's wait and see.
The Twinkies I launched years ago are still in perfect condition?
No sensationalism please. Let's wait for the news to come out.
+Michael Landskron, arg! Thanks for reminding me about that bloody neutrino. Now whenever I get into a discussion about physics, someone will pull that out as proof that the speed of light is not a limit after all. The news that the finding was refuted didn't make waves nearly as much as the original result did. Sadly.
Rather they wait and confirm then go through another debate episode of the CERN variety again.
The florida recount from the 2000 election
Mike J.
As long as its dimensions are not 1m X 4m X 9m...
What the guy from the show Ancient Aliens would say, "Aliens!"
Saddam's weapons of mass destruction?
All the socks that my dryer ate.
a reason to spend more money on space shuttles 
Rob U.
Dont you just love it! HEY I DISCOVERED SOMETHING! But I dont want to tell you in case I'm Wrong....But I will tell you! Sometime....Geez, why not keep mouth shut till its confirmed...
They found a used condom on mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how about NO GOVERMENT! the Planet that dreams are made of.. 
They found an empty beer can !!!!
Why do we even bother? We gotta fix what we have done to earth first before starting to find ways to ruin other planets! 
It should be their responsibility to either cut the hype or bring out what they have right away.  Either they have verified what it is or they haven't  and if they haven't they shouldn't even have released to speculation.  If they do know and it is earthshaking, it should have been released yesterday.  If they hold too long, and the expectations rise too high, it can and will, put a negative impact on NASA and Mars exploration.  I'd rather not see that.

It's not tectonic because that's far from earthshaking, and most people couldn't care less, because that is just a minor piece of the puzzle for most people.  If they found a rock that says "killjoy was here" or "the first landing of Plymouth", or "Columbus passed here on his way to the East Indies" we might have earthshaking news.

To be earthshaking they'd have to have discovered something like arsenic based life thriving on Mars.
did they find where my car ended up after a mad extended week end! lol
They found another Chuck Norris ? Only that could be an earthshaking ;)
Transformers. Or Elizabeth Shaw and David from Prometheus?

Or am I completely wrong?
The Starbucks that Apple Maps predicted would be there.
+Salman K. Thats a real positive outlook . How is the planet ruined? Mankind has a lot of evolving to do but as a species we have done amazing things. 
Ek dink hulle get 'n 6 pack Black Labels daar gekry. Ek kan sweet ek was al op Nars toe ek een aand lank gelede gerook was!
Michael jackson's original nose?
an "abandoned" alien ship a la transformers3.
Sadly, NASA PR folk have been quite prone to hyperbole lately. Someone needs to tone it done before the public starts ignoring space science again due to cry wolf syndrome when chicken little fatigue sets in.
The missing artifacts from Zak McCracken!
I'm not supposed to say anything, but to stop the speculation I will...they found evidence that the Maya were right. The world ends 12/21/12.
Barsoom & John Carter has finally been discovered. 
It was me. I left a candy wrapper on the ground there. I'm sorry. It won't happen again. 
Omg...It's Rita from Power Rangers. If they open the hatch we'll need to find 5 teenagers with attitude to fight the oncoming onslaught. Very scary stuff man.
I reckon they misconfigured their firewall and saw martian packets.
They found Chuck Norris footprint there.
Evidence of Marsquakes?  McDonald's french fries container?  Big Gulp cup? 
scroll up and read the previous comments they are hilarious hahahahaha.
where should i focus on a picture? that footprint?
If they bring something back, the invasion will begin!  Maybe parasites!
Ugh, Its like Lebron James "The Announcement" all over again.
i love these articles.  "Something may or may not have happened.  We're not quite sure, but we certainly won't tell you what may or may not have happened."
time has come closer to speak loud and clearly  EURECAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.............
I heard about this on NPR today. They can't disclose until the paper is published
Men aren't really from Mars, women are.
I bet there is candy producing lands there

israel give free burger after 1 m0nth again
Curiosity rolls past a cave, just as a daddy Martian explains to his children: "The chances of anything coming from earth are a million to one."
if it does nothing to help us here on earth, then as usual it`s useless info. and only satisfies their scientific curiosity. at substantial cost.
It's clearly a huge footprint (bottom right of picture) of a giant alien wearing trainers
It is safe to say anything they find won't disrupt the status-quo laid out in the testaments of religion as governments still find it one of the best ways to keep people sheep.
(edit)... an dif they did, it would be buried so deep that obtaining state secrets from the KGB would feel like taking candy from a baby.
Let's be practical.  There are only two things that will help the space program.  Evidence of existing or ancient life (even molecular is fine), or some precious element (gold or unobtanium).  If it's not one of those two things, we'll still have dreary half-assed speeches talking about space exploration, with no real substance.  If it's life, expect governments to fuel the research.  If it's gold, expect corporations to.  I'm hoping for gold, because corporations will do it better and faster, but SAM is looking for organics, so it's probably some CO2 in a piece of rock.
They found a  book entitled "To Serve Man". They are still deciphering the rest...
Wouldn't that be "Mars Shaking"? ;)
Evidence of massive nuclear devastation.
i thought nasa is a private compny
A rectangle with rounded corners...... 
They send the rover all the way to mars and the most exciting thing it does is look for alien farts.
Can't wait to see what this is. We are so privileged to be able be alive as the first first humans to see the face of another planet. Blows me away.
Fuking awesome.What is it? Tell me now. Also, Rob Derr is a dick and alien farts would be proof and off the hook.  
Is it "Earth-shaking" or "earth-shaking"? The magnitudes could be significantly different.
+Andrea Nasuelli - agreed, but the private corporations need a profit motive.  Real estate won't cut it.  Precious metals might.
Earthshaking sounds like life. Took team a while to analyze ice, would likely take much longer to get consensus on more complicated find.
I'll jump on the bandwagon of guesswork and say "the signature of ribose".

Or, a crockoduck.
It's Wally, they've found Wally. 
"Kilroy was here" written in the sand!
Someone's birth certificate?
Disney's John Carter "tanked" there as well?
If life is found it will change everything. Here is why. Then Pentagon will be interested. If life can evolve and we have proof then it is all the more likely that intelligent life can evolve. We should take that seriously... That is if life can evolve.... 
Lol remember that scene in the first transformers movie
What if they mean "earthshaking" literally ?
The answer is 'no'. They haven't. But they will continue hyping this boondoggle as long as possible. All that wealth and capital sitting on Mars, never to return. Would you take productive, wealth-generating factories, rip them from the Earth and launch them into space? Of course not. But take that same wealth and productivity, compress it into a metal can robot, and suddenly everyone is excited to launch it into space.
Where the Bermuda Triangle sends lost ships. 
+P E Sharpe yup. That's what it looks like in the picture. 
Evidence for life, or actual life.  They will release the results in precisely 31 days. ;)
This sound like one of those episodes of finding bigfoot, they get you all fired up and then NOTHING.
The people from Prometheus hiding behind a rock!
we are waiting for the day they will tel us allens are taking over this planet ooooooooooooooo
I can't wait to find out. This Mars mission has already provided amazing pictures and discoveries
we need to send Bear Grylls on Mars, he will find water fast
So a giant block of ice hit Mars 10k years ago and boom "Mars used to sustain life."

Put your science boner away.
Jim D
I think if there was water we would see some type of plants on the surface
they found too much radiation level on mars ??

I'm looking forward to hearing the news!!
Super exciting, but I don't want anything more added on my physics test.
A stack of pending Apple patent lawsuits?
It's crazy I go from one article on Google+ about someone talking to God (you know those pretend ones in the bible and Koran). To then read this about human kinds ability to strive for greatness to push our limits and explore and my faith in our species is somewhat restored. 
Ben C
Maybe it's a clue. Perhaps some insight on how to be less dysfunctional on the planet we already reside on. 
We can rule out life on mars right now — any evidence that Curiosity provides for that is hardly valid. 

Because drills could be contaminated with our bacterias.
I bet that if its oil we will see all companies investing on NASA tomorrow. And by the end of December we will have a fleet of Oil space Shuttles ready to go to mars. 
Sounds good to me. Hope it will easy to get and useful to they curiousity team and also to the scientists.
Maybe It's the original analog tapes of From The Mars Hotel by Grateful Dead.
McDonalds dried up french fry. . .
If it's like every other announcement lately it'll be something like: "Well we possibly think we may have found possible evidence that maybe something was found, but it's inconclusive."
They found the remains of Marvin the Martian?
Sounds good to me. Hope it will be easy to get and useful to the curiousity team and the scientists as well.
What if they found an alien farm, where they raised alien cows and alien chickens and alien pigs...and the alien pigs flew..then what?
I knew it aliens huh
They found that old guy from space cowboys! 
Hope fully It's something that will benefit the human race, thanks for sharing sir, kind regards.
They found a large rectangular monolith. They have to be careful because Apple's lawyers are on standby
'Earth shaking discovery' heh? Someone's trying to be punny.
Ooo let's all rejoice and see this discovery... oh wait its in fuckin MARS who gives a shit? Are all the billions of humans gonna take a stroll to Mars and kick it there during the end of the earth now that we know there is "something" there.? Good work team wasted money well wasted.
This is a bluff .they know whats up there they just don't wanna say anything 
Is this something like Orson Welles did in the last century so well in a bit different media?
Alien artifact = life on other planets = end of christian church = end of the world.
that it's chocolate covered on the outside with caramel and soft nougat on the inside?
Interesting, we find life here on earth in form of an embryo and it's fine to kill it - however, we find just a glimpse of life somewhere else and everyone gets excited

A history book is a powerful device.

So whatever will be disclosed, it will not be something that we are not meant to know.

My vote is Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Idiotic political statements aside +Glen Tepe, It would be impressive and earth shattering if we found life in the form of a virus that gives you cancerAids on mars, and you wouldn't be so obtuse about people killing it if it was here.  A little perspective you wingnut.
A transformer....
Everybody out of the Pool! Oh wait, it's just a Baby Ruth...
Scott L
Remains of O.J. Simspon's character from Capricorn One (double bluff)
or his real-life knife
If it's not an Alien it's not big
Did he find my car key because I seem to have lost them.
Discovered where Jimmy Hoffa was buried ? 
Easy. It's obviously the rest of Google's Nexus 4 stock.
Maybe this is what the Mayans meant. Will they announce the earth shaking news on 21/12/2012?
The polish have arrived and opened several euro-mart already?...
If it's to do with duplicate testing then that means it's something in the soil surely?
maybe they found the answer to the NHL lockout .........
Gary Bettman's soul? (see a pattern here?)
Marvin the Martian's house.
If they have discovered something organic what will this mean for exploration and colonisation of Mars?  Will we have to "respect" the life that is there already?
Eric O
+Orlando Ramirez Except this could actually be useful information.  Still though, hoping NASA books an hour on ESPN for it.
Ryan Ng
If it's not an alien it's nothing
James G
That they really landed in a remote area in Arizona?
i still cant get over that typo of "earth shaking!"
wouldent that be cool! or perhaps an entire race of vulcans!
I hate this suspense, they could have waited with the verification before saying anything! 
Wow! Total waste of time. Here I thought they'd actually tell us something...
HA  bigfoot.  woah! look jst to the bottom right corner! its  FOOT PRINT :O
unless he has found John Carter's family album or found the Predator, i we wont be shocked.....
what kind of future we can get from mars..? a second of earth??
My glasses. No, wait, I found them, they were...never mind.
Ok so correction, the guy writing the article considered it "earthshaking".  The scientists involved did not use that word if you RTFA so the head-post should be changed here.
That's where Waldo has been and they found him
i hate this shit, dont tell me anything!... until you know know
So that's were my toy that akinfenwa through up in the are went
The man on the moons' brotha from anotha mutha?
Hmmm it could possibly be one of the artifact of Apple of edin from those who came before (1st civilizations).. the scientists will reveal it on December 21st ... like the myans predicted new beginning...
A bottle cap and a old postcard is my bet.
They found Donald Trumps real hair. Lol
A stash of cash to pay for this trillion dollar mission?
its just a bloody rock given some fancy long doctor ish name bugging much or queen Elizabeths remains 
How can he say its going to be awesome and have no idea in the same sentence
My lost left sock.
If Mars had a molten or hot core as Earth has, the water would be at the surface as in earths crust.
The heat and pressure would force water or other water like molecules to the surface.

This could be an example of what Earth will be like if we keep taking the Earths fuel to sustain a hot core.
The Earth continues the heating process by not only the use many types of fuels such as oil, natural gas, methane’s and coal, Gravity created by the hot iron spinning core creates pressure which is heat.

I have no doubt that there was some type of organic surface life on Mars, but since the core has cooled, we must look even deeper to see what was once was there is now below the surface.

Either a tall, black monolith with dimensions 1 x 4 x 9, or the remains of the Beagle 2.
Gus K
BIG!!!BIG!!!!NEWS!!!!!!! but we have no idea
They had evidence of methane before. Evidence of water isn't something that would make it to the history books. All things considered, my hopes are rather high for this one.
They didn't find a thing. We were very careful when we left, cleaned up everything, even the chicken and coleslaw.
Yes, that was an Avatar reference. I am sorry.
They found a way to get more funding...
Gus K
Even if they find out,what difference will it make? Are they going to say that if one so wish he can leave earth for mars?
I bet it's that 'interesting' chick from Total Recall.
1) Flux Capacitor 2) Essential component from Plutonium X-38 Explosive Space Modulator 3) Boosterspice 4) Wyrms 5) Jimmy Hoffa 6) 14,000,000,000 left socks.
Please god...don't let it be a family of interstellar Kardasians.
They found absolute proof no intelligent life could exist on Mars until they realized Curiosity actually landed in Florida.
Earth shaking!!! Don't shake Earth. It's too much for now ;-)
I hear Colin Clive screaming right now -"it's alive. it's alive"  or maybe on second thought it's really Gene Wilder.
Amelia Earhart?....Seriously, though? I need to know.
That Fiver I lost last week!...... Because for the life of me, it just F#*cked off right outa my... here it is with an old, sticky Gummy Bear behind the sofa!!...

 Or a penguin! those fellas are everywhere! ¬.¬
Please, please PLEASE be a monolith.
Hair that used to be on the top of Donald Trumps head?
They've found Lord Anunnaki. The engineer of humans, from the planet Nibiru.
Something to do with ancient tectonic plate movement?
Marc C
They're actually on Venus?
K Viper
Won't be anything to validate evolution. I know that is what all you people are hoping for lol. 
Already they are in danger of over-selling this. Anything less than proof of microbial life (past or present) will be a disappointment. 
Superman's used raincoat when he did ET brown ass?
Dear Mars, 

Please hurry. I have a mani/pedi in 30. Thanks. 

Mars had it's own creation and evolution and we are finding signs of that very fact.  A lot can happen in 4.5 Billion years..Just look at Earth.  Mars used to look pretty simular to todays Earth.  Difference is one on mars thought it was only 5,000 years old. Only Earthoids and humanlings are that stupid !!!
Nah! curiosity just slipped on a banana peel!
neil armstrong got lost on his way 2 the moon
They are patenting it first just in case, so whatever that takes is the time we all have to wait to know
We might have another water flooded planet!
Unsolved rubics cube tossed aside by a very angry Bruce Banner back in the early eighties... now has the shot putt record.
is it a rock shaped like jesus
Kri San
That Mars had life when the sun was younger, hotter and brighter. 
They found a bottle of spirit and russian newspaper from 1961.
Was it a perfectly preserved Mars bar?
maybe my keys which I lost during my last trip there?
Shouldn't the Curiosity team's discovery on Mars that they consider earthshaking be called Mars-shaking
I heard they found boxes full of Romney ballots 
I hope they can tell us that E.T. made it home ok?!??
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