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Does anyone do a good job of linking to other stories from their blog?

I run across so many amazing space/science stories and I'd like to feature them within Universe Today somehow. I already post them to social networks, but I'd like to put them right into the blog as well.

Are there any bloggers out there who do a really good job of rounding up and presenting links to good stories around the internet?

I'd like to see some examples for inspiration... 
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I tend to glaze over when presented with just a list of links... rather, I like to see supporting links to the current story  presented in context throughout a blog post... +Philip Plait does a good job of that, as do many others....
+Bob Daniel I'd like to give mini-context, so a quick sentence or short paragraph that explains why I think people should read it.

Thanks +Jonathan A., I agree, that "Friday Links" looks like a good way to present it. Save up the best ones for the week and then release! Almost like a #followfriday  on Twitter.
+Fraser Cain If I may suggest, use 

It takes both visual snapshots, with automatic attribution and link back, if you want to refer to an entire page. Example: Another example:

You can change the embed sizes and float the snapshots left, right, or center.

If you have the tool installed in your browser, you can copy the entire post, click the toolbar thing, and it will bring you to a page that allows you to format the embedded text, with quotes and automatic link back and attribution. Example in a post:
Sort of like a souped-up carnival of space?  (Which is still around, remember!)
+Ethan Siegel Of course I remember... we run it. :-)

But the Carnival lets people suggest stories they want us to link to. 

It misses out all the cool stories I'm seeing, from people who have no idea what the Carnival of Space is.
+Brad Murray I like that method, almost like a mini-twitter feed within the website.
Best part?  It requires no effort on the part of the story-writer to submit their article.

Worst part? has been hosed from since the migration, but that should be fixed by early next week. is AMAZING. Thanks +Ethan Siegel

I like the idea of a weekly roundup, to be able to finally close up all those tabs.
No problem, +Fraser Cain , and I'm really glad that you like it.  Any tool that helps us get more quality information to more people has got to be good for us all!
I run a blog - well, two blogs - that do nothing but that. It's a bit egotistical to claim we're very good, but, well, our readers seem to like us! 

The one that might be particularly close to what you're looking for is . Hope it's useful! 
Spacebuzz is an interesting algorithmic meta tool: "It displays the currently popular tags used within the astronomy blogosphere. Tags are ranked on the basis of how current they are and how frequently they are used.
The aim is to show tags that are popular across several blogs rather than tags used on a single blog frequently."
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