Day 3 of the Google+ Communities 30-day Challenge

My intention to focus the majority of my efforts participating in Communities continues...

You won't see many of my posts today if you look through my profile because I've been experimenting with Private Communities. Don't worry, it's just a phase.

- I've seen a lot of Communities run by Brand Pages and not Personal Profiles. I think this is a mistake. They're more likely to be absent landlords, and the Communities will go all Lord of the Flies. I could be wrong, but I'm finding it's harder to connect with Brand Pages. There's nobody home.

- Private communities are awesome. Find them and join them. If somebody invited me to a private community and I didn't respond, I apologize, I've got invite blindness right now.

- I'm hearing from Community moderators that members can be abusive and threaten legal action when their posts are moderated. It would be nice for Google to provide some kind of policy and even a legal team who can intercept this stuff on our behalf. Come on Google, summon your legal team to protect your Communities.

- I created a Private Community for the Owners of Large Communities. If you're the owner a Public Community with more than about 500 people, drop me a note, link to your community and I'll send you an invite. Apparently, we're already writing a book. Chances are I already invited you, but you didn't see the invite because you've got invite blindness too. 

- I wrote up a Moderator guidelines document and sent it to my current moderators for the Space Community. I also posted it within the Community Moderators community.

- The only person who +mentioned me to join their community was +Margie Hearron  at Women of Color. Needless to say, as a white Canadian man, I don't have a lot to offer, but I'll bring the value as best I can.

Join me, spend the next 30 days posting mostly to Communities. See if your enjoyment of Google+ improves.
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