Does anyone know how to find a person and turn them into a moderator when Google is only showing you a subset of your community? I can't add a specific person as a moderator. Is there some kind of way I can force the system to let me switch a person over?

Right now when I display a list of all the people in the Community, I only see about 1000.
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Scroll, baby, scroll. It took me 7 page loads to get to your name and we're only at 547. I had to click "More" twice.
It's not there. I'm only seeing a subset of the people in the Community. I can't pick one person out of 12,000
Somebody will need to help me hack the Javascript or something.
Hey +Fraser Cain - thanks for pointing this out. Yeah, this is a combo of a bug (not showing all members), and we're not making it easy to find / promote people in the first place in a large community.

We'll work on figuring out a better solution here. In the meantime, I don't have any good workarounds, besides some really complicated manufacturing of a POST request with custom headers - but I've asked the team whether they have any ideas.

Thanks for your patience! We've been live for 72 hours now and we're learning lots. :)
We're at over 2K and have been scrolling like crazy all day. Hope there's a solution. The members are not entirely in alphabetical order either, so a search box is badly needed as +Margie Hearron pointed out.
+Brian Glick I realized another potential problem related to this bug. You can get a troll abusing people in the comments. There's no way to ban a member from the comments, and there's no way to track them down from the member list. So they're free to troll as much as they like. We can only report them for abuse.

Moderators need to be able to delete comments from threads and ban members there too.
I did solicit some feedback on a public post I made Friday (need to jump on that thread). But in general, I'm just keeping a log of the feedback I see as I go. Just +mention me and I'll see it. :) Thanks!
Although - if you're planning on soliciting a TON of people to send feedback - please encourage them to use the "Send feedback" link. ;)
+Peter G McDermott I've been all over that community this weekend, often posting as the Google+ page. :) So I probably saw it, and I've been passing stuff on to the team. (Thanks for all the great feedback.)
+Fraser Cain Oh, before I forget - in the absence of richer comment controls for moderators, please DO flag bad commenters for abuse - it does have an effect.
+Brian Glick I just don't want people thrown out of Google+ entirely. Just because their behavior isn't appropriate in the Space community doesn't mean they'd be perfectly at home somewhere else.
Furthermore, if someone flags someone within a community, would it be possible to allow the moderator to inspect the flag? That way there is some human element to the moderation of reported spam abuse?
+Fraser Cain Fair point - please do flag with care. But, there are flag options for "spam," "harassment," etc - which are just as valid inside of a community as they are outside of it. But yes, don't flag people for posting a picture of a dog in a cat community. :)
+Peter G McDermott Flags are for pointing bad things out to Google, but yeah, we're thinking about better ways moderators can help keep their communities clean.
Have been experiencing the same problems as +Fraser Cain have mentioned (adding moderators in a huge community) and just want to subscribe to this post in case +Brian Glick gets back with some kind of solution.
Today I'm the only moderator for my community with 4300 members and I can't add the people I want to as moderators.
Yes, lots of spammers. Luckily Google catches most of them automatically. I then have to ban and remove the post.
But I have noticed that more than 10% of the posts are falsely marked as spam. I have to release those posts.
Any tips to share to a fellow moderator?  ;)
Btw, I have the Nexus community if you were wondering which one it is.
+Hakan Gül Choose your moderators very very very carefully. Unless you select people with balanced personalities, you'll burn them out or get politics. 

Take some time and read into the pitfalls of selecting moderators for communities. There's no greater challenge.
Thanks. That is the reason I don't have any other moderators.
I've been a moderator in different fora for around 10 years.
I remember especially one case one one moderator went crazy and demolished the entire forum by first kicking out the other moderators and then deleting entire sections and with them thousands of posts. Then banned many of the members. All while the owner was sleeping and not being able to stop anything. When the moderator was done, there was nothing left of the forum. It was a sad day.

Hence I'd like the possibility to limit who can remove the sub-categories we add to the community. Don't want a moderator deleting categories.
I guess so, but this is a new tool and new people and I bet they are more resourceful people ;)
We will probably have some troublemakers with some new ideas.
+Brian Glick May I suggest that at the top of the members list page, the alphabet be displayed so that we can at least click on and get to the LETTER of the person we are looking for.  Still though, the "more" will eventually have to go in this particular area because it won't work, regardless.  I couldn't get to a Q name the other day .. I clicked More til I was More'd out and I quit trying.  

So my next suggestion would be to actually show a set number of members per page along with the alphabet (say 100 per page)  and use page numbers and NEXT instead to navigate.
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