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Fraser Cain hung out with 5 people. #hangoutsonairNicole Gugliucci, Philip Plait, Nancy Atkinson, Jason Major, and Amy Shira Teitel
Weekly Space Hangout - May 17, 2012
Fraser Cain and 5 others participated
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Can the Galileoscope be used to safely project an image of the sun onto a card or will it fry the optics? #venustransit
Have fun guys. I've got 12 hours of astronomy/physics on campus today. Won't be able to comment it up.
Page AZ is on the center line, Lake Powell, normally a spring break destination is going to be a eclipse observer party.
I am surprised the moon would not be too bright for Hubble
I know it is spectral analysis, but I have to wonder how the lunar materials absorbing some of the light will impact the results
thanks for the answer, and discussions
Just got a chance to watch it. Great hangout!! Many fascinating topics that were illustrated with the highest quality special effects which only those with PhD's can offer. ;)
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