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Wow, wow, wow. Make sure you click through the story and look at the the color version.
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Wow is right! Thanks for sharing! 
These may be the first tridimensional views of a gas giant's clouds
It works now. :D 
It's pretty awesomesauce - I'm still amazed by the hexistorm. That's weird. 
Truly awesome. But +Fraser Cain , could you please remove that huge annoying banner for the moon Android app? It takes up even more space when I zoom in on my tablet, and there's no way to close it.
I just read your answer about where the moon light come from. The difference between the sun light and the moonlight is that the sunlight is coming from heat and the moonlight is from cold, we cannot call the moon light the correct name would be the moon glow. We can still see the moon daytime same as night time. So sunny or not sunny we still see the moon. What do you think Dr :)
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