Day 13 of the 30-day Google+ Communities Challenge

My journey into Google+ Community land continues.

Something surprising has happened. The Google+ Space Community has made it easier to be a journalist, by gathering together interesting resources into one location. Since I'm the owner of the community, I'm seeing all the material flowing into the community. Most of the posts are familiar photographs and internet memes, but a few have been unique and newsworthy. 

Let me give you three examples:

Timelapse video of Comet C/2012 K5
+Cory Schmitz , +Mike Phillips , +Mark Behrendt and +Mike Rector collaborated on a series of timelapses of Comet C/2012 K5. They gathered their images together into a single YouTube video and posted it into the Space community: 

I was then able to merge this with other resources and post an article for Universe Today:

Tightrope Walker in Front of the Moon
+Márcio Cyrillo discovered this wonderful video of a tightrope walker passing in front of the Moon and posted it to the Space Community:

With a keen eye for quality, +Jason Major spotted the video and posted it to Universe Today:

Living Mars by Kevin Gill
And finally, there was this phenomenal series of images of a "Living Mars" created by +Kevin Gill. Kevin had actually produced some topographic images of the Moon for +Thad Szabo, but I followed the source back to see some of Kevin's other work, and the astounding Living Mars images jumped right out at me. I immediately assigned Universe Today editor +Nancy Atkinson to the story - which she nailed.

Nancy contacted Kevin and wrote up an article about the image, showcasing Kevin's work.

The story went viral, getting picked up by Huffpo:

And about 1000 other places. But I promise you, we can trace the lineage of this viral event right back to the Google+ Space community.

G+ will become one of my main story sources
As the Space continues to grow, I'm expecting there'll be more and more of these events, as people provide unique and interesting stories into the mix. I'm sure the community will become one of our main sources of stories.

I'm taking the 30-Day Google+ Communities challenge, spending most of my time in G+ Communities. Join me
15 oct 2012 : It's still difficult to capture a new Moon . Like a "sport" to capture our satellite as soon as possible .... For me it's normally behind some buildings , it's low on the western sky . On the other hand the new Moon is visible just after sunset : the sky is still nice and bleu , so the contrast is not that high at all . Next one is made just at 18:30 , darkened a bit . 1/160sec @ ISO 800 . Image cropped to ca 1800x1800 pixels . Canon EOS550D and William Optics Megrez 90DDG APO . Isn't it a beauty ?
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