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me hung out with 3 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Pamela Gay, Thad Szabo, and Nicole Gugliucci
Astronomy Cast Episode 288: Phases of Matter
Fraser Cain and 3 others participated
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+Pamela Gay Space heater and upward directed fan at the base of the attic stairs?
So where can we find more information on Science I/O?
+Tony Silva They didn't need to revise the original version (Why Does The Sun Shine?) very much. Plus the fast version of the original is much better for keeping students awake.
They Might Be Giants Sun Song.. There first effort of this is a great little Jingle. Check it out on Radio Lab
I am curious about ultra high density matter that has been gravitationally compressed, for example, in a quasar or even a black hole.  Does this ultra high density constitute another state of matter or is it still just considered a solid?
Diamonds are actually quite low density - the spacing between carbon atoms in white dwarfs is way too small, and there is no physical mechanism to arrange atoms this way against the gravitational attraction in a white dwarf.
If changing state is a energy transfur. You can get to 'Absolute 0' can you get to  'Absolute Hot' if so is that just a plasma state???
How much Materials Science did you study for Astronomy.  Is that a good area for future astronomers to study? Thanks from an old Material Engineer.
But window glass does thicken at the base
In my house (Built 1480) we have one or two panes just like that
I have heard of Quark matter is this an unstable state of matter that requires outside forces to sustain it's properties?
An emulsion is liquid/liquid mix like milk (Fat/Water) a colloid is a solid/liquid mix like custard
+Fraser Cain ... Thankyou, you and team.. The more time I spend in this community the more I learn and the 'star party' was fantastic... Jus a little unsociable at 2am UK time..!!! But hey, it was worth it.....
I have to say again,
All of are good at what you do and express yourselves very well. You make learning fun, and that's not easy.  You are having too much fun.
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