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Long timelapse of Comet Lovejoy

Colin Legg just turned in this new timelapse video of Comet Lovejoy rising in Australia.

Sadly, it sounds like the comet is starting to fade. Here's what Colin had to say:

"This is probably my last timelapse...the comet has dimmed off markedly, so that's maybe it :(

This one covers almost 5 hours of comet. I used a tracking device to track in azimuth only to maximize coverage. If you look closely at the head in the 2nd half you can see it moving against the stars. Taken on the morning of 27th."
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Esperance... where? There are lot's of Esperance worldwide :)
You confuse me, your map of places you have lived does not show Australia :P
I didn't take the picture, Colin Legg did.
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