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Day 5 of the 30-Day Communities Challenge

Happy New Years! I was in transit most of the today, visiting some friends in Vancouver, so I wasn't Google+ing. I did run across this insane Christmas light display in Port Coquitlam, BC, though, and tried out a panoramic shot on my Nexus 4. I hope it conveys the raw insanity of this display.

A few quick thoughts:

- Community owners would really like the ability to move posts to different categories. That would make us very happy.

- I would think very long and hard about creating a community based on a brand. If a real brand owner comes along and wants to set up a community, Google could easily push the majority of the traffic to this "official" community. Better to stick to generic topics, like... space.

- It's still kind of blowing my mind that Space is the most popular community on G+. More popular than Star Wars or One Direction? There's hope for humanity after all.

For the next 30 days I'll be posting the majority of the time into Google+ Communities. Join me. Give it a try.
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How much do you think christmas lights add to light pollution? Also, I have a Nexus 7 - will be getting a 4 soon...
Congratulations on having the largest community. Must be a chore in itself managing it. It's a quick way to see great amateur images and to get news. 
The city is installing LED street lights. I was really happy to see them.
Bought some for my ceiling fan in my living room and I refuse to buy anything but LEDs from now on.
Niiiiiiiice photosphere. Makes me jealous that my Galaxy Nexus (Verizon) still hasn't got the 4.2 JB update. I have to make do with regular old panoramas.
Wow! How do you do that? I want to do that!
Need to get them to put a shade around the LED light to direct it down. Burlington, VT just installed some and it is bright.
Ah I see, I didn't read the rest of the post. So basically I have to wait until my contract runs out until I can do that. By that time the phone I have will be totally obsolete.
+Fraser Cain there's a killer use for communities that may not be apparent: language-specific discussions. I post in English to my public stream because I have a mostly international audience of circlers. I joined joined a community of Italian-speaking users with a local focus where I post a lot, and those post don't bother my international circlers because they don't show up in their streams.
Also, happy new Perihelion and the Ceres anniversary.    
Great to see an influencer like you shooting 360 panoramic PhotoSpheres. Now what if you could shoot that image all at onetime or in 360 video? Thanks for taking us there!
Been reflecting on the communities challenge. Just now reading a very interesting article on a Scandinavian political television show that is catching fire, and thought it the perfect thing to share in a community. Got any good suggestions for political discussion communities?
that cam is great, i can install in my SGS3
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