Day 2 of the 30-day Community Challenge

As you know, I'm focusing the majority of my Google+ efforts on participating in Communities, and not publishing into my public stream (except to report on my efforts).

In our Space community, +Kevin Gill rendered this really cool hypsometric visualization of the far side of the Moon, as a special request for +Thad Szabo

We got a few more really cool astrophotos posted, and even a book review.

So what have I discovered...

- Moderating a really large Community is more like being the editor of a magazine. You're having to remove a lot of posts that don't meet your quality guidelines. I'm conflicted about that, but I've been reaching out to people and giving them tips and pointers about how to improve their posts and get better responses

- SPAM is more of an emotional drain than an actual time killer. I posted into the Community Moderators community about how you need to put this stuff into context.

- Everybody disagrees with me. Well... almost everyone, but mostly +Dan McDermott and +Allen Firstenberg (who is AWESOME and usually right on the money when he yells) 
Google Plus Week 12/28/2012

- Hangouts in Communities make absolutely no sense at all. I started a Hangout in the Space Community and participated for almost 3 hours. It wasn't public, but the people who showed up were totally random. Hangouts will be an amazing rallying point for Communities, once they make sense. Can I make some suggestions +chee chew?

- I need to find more cool communities. +mention me and let me know about your Community. I'll join and participate, giving you as much value as my time affords.

I'm taking the 30-day Google+ Communities Challenge. Join me, step out of your comfort zone.
Hypsometric (colored to display the relationship of differing elevations) visualization of the far side of the  Moon. Elevations are exaggerated by 3 times with an eye distance of around 5,000km. Rendered  for +Thad Szabo  using jDem846 using the LOLA 256 pix/deg cylindrical altimetry data.
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