Want to hang out with a particle accelerator? Of course you do! I'm joining +CERN and a team of scientists to talk about the hot nature of the early Universe.
Join us for our sixth Hangout with CERN on Thursday 06 December at 17:00 CET, broadcast live on CERN's Google+ and YouTube pages.

Previously, we have introduced you to the LHC's major experiments, given you an update on the search for the Standard Model #Higgs  boson, and discussed the wonders of #antimatter  with some of the experts who work on it at CERN.

This Hangout takes us well into the past, as we delve into the very early Universe. The LHC can recreate these early-Universe conditions in the lab by colliding heavy ions together. But why do we collide these different particle species? What is in store for the heavy-ion collisions after the end-of-year break? What is this mysterious quark-gluon plasma? Experts from the LHC's heavy-ion specialist, +ALICE Experiment, will answer your questions about these and many more related topics!

You can post your questions in advance, either in the comments below or on Twitter to @CERN with the hashtag #askCERN . We'll pick the best ones to answer and we may even invite you to participate in the live hangout!

Want to watch our previous hangouts? They're all available via: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLAk-9e5KQYEroNUYrWHAANKJL3LDz9-L

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