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Fraser Cain hung out with 7 people.Ian O'Neill, Jason Major, Amy Shira Teitel, Alan Boyle, Nicole Gugliucci, Sawyer Rosenstein, and Emily Lakdawalla
Weekly Space Hangout - May 3, 2012
Fraser Cain and 7 others participated
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Though it is quite a daunting feat for humanity to do, the actual concept of humans venturing out into space to mine resources is cool enough, but it also tells the story of a species who has left the safety of their planet to gain that connection with the rest of the cosmos.

This limited way of participating in the Universe is absolutely amazing!
totally worth waiting for
I was looking to be able to visit Space in 2001 based upon "conservative" expectations in the late 1960's film 2001. So understand we have to be patient in waiting for the exploration of an asteroid.
Cookie Monster: NOM NOM NOMMM
Cookie Monster = Black Hole
Maybe brown dwarfs should be called enthusiastic planets instead of failed stars?
I like the idea of "Participant" Star.
Some call these sorts of things "planemos" ... planetary-mass objects.
Question for later if someone can get to it: This is regarding the upcoming eclipse on the 20th. Anyone going to West Texas or New Mexico area to view it? Or if you know of any gathering in that general area I could go to, please let me know.
I'll be in Northern California, hoping for clear skies over the Pacific.
What are the color filters used in order?
+Emily Lakdawalla Thank you for sharing your trick! Now I'm completely engrossed and distracted by such amazing photos. I need to share these with my 5yo son since he is absolutely in LOVE with Saturn and its moons right now.
I just want to say thank you to all in the hangout. Keep up the good work and thank you for taking the time to share your stories.
I may have missed you guys talking about this, but I was curious about your views on JUICE being chosen by the ESA over Athena and LISA
Yes, JUICE was addressed, although the fact that the two astrophysics mission were passed by (ATHENA and NGO) was touched on glancingly.
I know astrophysicists are a bit miffed about the way this turned out... Emily said the fact that NASA canceled its plans for a Europa orbiter may have contributed to the ESA's decision to favor JUICE.
Really good. Thank you for sharing your meeting.
But now you can just watch it from this post. The live show turns into the archive after we finish.
I got lucky and show the posts about a half hour before It started. I only began using G+ seriously a couple of days ago.
Glen G
It would surely be nice if there were something to just click to take me to the doings for this hangout. Maybe there is, but I'm not a social media buff and not a teenager, so I really don't get it.
If you click the play button, you can watch the Hangout.
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