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Space Circle 2.0

Here's the second version of my space circle. Everyone in this list is related to the space industry. We've got journalists, scientists, and space fans - even an astronaut.

Unlike my science circle, these people aren't all active posters. So if you want lots of activity, import that one instead.

As I mentioned before, make sure you import these people into a brand new circle. That way you can delete the whole circle if you want when I provide a replacement.

Please let me know if there's anyone I've forgotten.

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Thanks again for the well-curated shared circles. Much appreciated.
Thanks for sharing another great circle.
It's both right now. If we get more people, I'll split it up further. I'd love just a circle for astrophotographers.
Am I wrong or there are few engineers? I notice mainly scientists or writers.
I haven't found many engineers who have posted anything.
Hi +Hylton Ferreira , I'd be happy to add you to this circle, but I didn't see a single post about space in your stream.
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