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The Space community is go for launch!

I'm pleased to announce that the Space community has officially launched as part of the new Communities feature of Google+. This is a place you can come and share your love of space and astronomy with a likeminded group of astrofans.

Share your astrophotos and videos, get observing tips from other astronomers and speculate on the latest science. I'll do what I can to get as much active involvement from the scientists and explorers pushing out the boundaries of our knowledge.
Space is big. You won't believe how vastly, hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is... - Douglas Adams
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joined so hard it created a warp bubble around me (died of gamma radiation)
Grats Fraser et al! Another giant leap for space-web kind!
It seems that it will be really difficult to moderate it... I hope I am wrong.
+Vassil Vidinsky I think it's going to be tough in the beginning when there aren't many communities and everyone's looking to try out the functionality. But it'll settle down shortly.
it's the Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe... i want in.
Douglas Adams would be so proud.
Ch D
Amazing my friend is there a link anywhere? Sorry new to g+
Wow! 1500 members already, you've been live for what, 45  minutes?
so +Fraser Cain can we post to our circles/public and the community at the same time? I was thinking for my This week in Cool Space Images do I have to post that twice or is there a way to send one post to both the stream and the community? maybe +Natalie Villalobos would know?
Since I got into astronomy / cosmology I've got a lot of my friends into it too. All it takes is dragging them outside to view Jupiter or the Orion neb in my cheapie telescope. It's great that this whole area of science is getting exposure as its a brilliant and accessible gateway to science generally. Astronomy cast and the star parties are a breath of fresh air. Might even get the T-shirt! 
I'm not seeing any community pic either.  Perhaps it's not rolled out to everyone yet?  And I'm NOT new to G+.
How would a person join ! I'm very interested. !!
The community page seems buggy for me, like only part of the page is loading. I don't see any way to join, either.
big blue box" view community" in the center of the photo
I sure would like to join if u find out let me no I'd u don't mine
Might be buggy.  The image & box showed up on the notifications bar, but not here.  No matter, I can get in now.
I can't figure out how to join one of these things.  I think something isn't quite right in what I'm seeing.  I can't see any members or any posts in one either.  
+Charles Carrigan and other people who can't load the community pages, are you using the GExtend extension? I just disabled it, and now the community pages are loading fine. Hopefully that extension will be updated soon so I can use communities without a huge column of white space in my G+ window.
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