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Announcing: OneNote Mac - The Song! A parody of One Day More from Les Misérables. I love my job :) ‪#‎OneNoteSong‬

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Sex, Lies, or Kittens? Investigating the Use of Snapchat's Self-Destructing Messages (our paper appearing at FC '14): 

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Chris Rovillos, Alisha Saxena, +Tadayoshi Kohno and I have just released TrackingObserver, a browser-based web tracking detection platform. TrackingObserver is a Chrome extension that acts as a platform for detecting, measuring, and blocking third-party web trackers. Unlike other tools, TrackingObserver does not use a blacklist of known tracking domains, but rather detects and categorizes trackers automatically based on their in-browser behaviors (such as setting and receiving third-party cookies). 

TrackingObserver also provides an API for third-party add-ons (themselves Chrome extensions), and we've provided a few demo add-ons on the webpage. 

TrackingObserver and more information are available here:

We hope that TrackingObserver will be valuable for users, developers, and web tracking researchers, and we welcome your suggestions and feedback to help us improve our tool!

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We're really interested in learning why and how people use Snapchat. If you use Snapchat (or have decided not to use it for some reason), please help us out by taking our survey here:

It should take about 15-30 minutes, and you can be entered to win one of ten $20 Amazon gift cards. We'd also greatly appreciate it if you would share the link with your friends. 

Thanks!! :)

cc: +Tadayoshi Kohno 

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Just released LayerCake, a modified version of Android that supports application embedding (with +Tadayoshi Kohno):

LayerCake is a version of Android that supports embedded applications. It allows one application's Activity to embed another application's Activity (similar to iframes on the Web). We built LayerCake to explore what it would take to modify a real system to securely embed one application's user interface within another application.

For more information, check out our upcoming USENIX Security paper "Securing Embedded User Interfaces: Android and Beyond":

And let us know what you think!

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Excited to be at HotOS this week.
The HotOS workshop this week features several UW papers:

The Case for Onloading Continuous High-Datarate Perception to the Phone
+Seungyeop Han, Matthai Philipose

Arrakis: A Case for the End of the Empire
+Simon Peter, Thomas Anderson

Operating System Support for Augmented Reality Applications
Loris D'Antoni, Alan Dunn, Suman Jana, Tadayoshi Kohno, Benjamin Livshits, David Molnar, Alexander Moshchuk, Eyal Ofek, +Franzi Roesner, Scott Saponas, Margus Veanes, Helen J. Wang

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The talented +Yonatan Bisk and I are co-chairing TinyToCS Volume II. Tiny Transactions on Computer Science (TinyToCS) is the premier venue for computer science research of 140 characters or less. The CFP for Volume II is now up at Submission deadline is February 6. Please spread the word!

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Check out my debut as a character in a card game :)
We just recently received copies of the Control-Alt-Hack card game that +Tammy Denning  (, Adam Shostack (, and I created over the past year or so (  This is a computer security-themed card game that we designed to be fun, but also educational / awareness-building.

The game is available on (being sold by RGB Hats, LLC).

UW will also be shipping some free copies out to educators (in industry and academia) around the US.  If you’re an educator and are interested in a copy, please see the “request an educational copy” page here:

A big thank you to Intel Labs, NSF, and ACM SIGCSE for supporting the development and distribution of this game, and to +Steve Jackson Games  for licensing the Ninja Burger mechanics to us!
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Had a good time at UIST 2012 in Boston the last few days. Check out my paper with James Fogarty and +Tadayoshi Kohno about techniques for supporting security properties in the user interface toolkit ("User Interface Toolkit Mechanisms for Securing Interface Elements") here:

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+Tammy Denning, Adam Shostack, and I have created a computer security-themed card game called "Control-Alt-Hack." It is design to be fun, but to also help players learn key computer security concepts. We now have a website,, and will be talking about it at Black Hat.

The website has a bunch of suggested educational activities for the classroom (high school, college), as well as activities for education within industry.

Thanks to generous support from Intel, NSF, and ACM SIGCSE, we have funds to give some copies to educators within the U.S.  If you're interested trying in it out in a classroom (or for other educational purposes), please let us know.  (An application form will be available on our website soon.)
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