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Sooo you thought you'd narc me off about my attitude and behaviour eh? Well take this!

Are you kidding me? You ok with this America? Beatings and Intimadation ? A free society? WTF?
After an innocent mom reported a cop for being rude, he pulled her over, called for back up and beat her as her children watched in horror.
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Power trip. Fuck the police.
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Franklin Stone

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There's been no calendar week without a mass #shooting during President Obama's second term -
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Franklin Stone

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Bernie's a badass!
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Franklin Stone

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+Franklin Stone I did watch that. It was very good. Highly suggest you do.
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Franklin Stone

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This is a problematic stance.
Yes, because a need to punish a handful of rich kids COMPLETELY outweighs the good that universal educational opportunity would do this country.

I am not a Sanders fanatic, but Jesus Christ, these people (on both sides) don't seem to get that he's tapping a vein of frustration with their bullshit that is very, very rich and wide.
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+John Lewis​ I think that is a problematic stance, how do you setup a functioning system with income requirements like that. Why wouldn't you want everyone to have access to free education, if the taxes go up on wealthy people and corporations to fund free education, what harm is there in educating trumps kids?

I also don't know that it's very misleading, she said she didn't want make college free for trumps kids... 
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Franklin Stone

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+Google+ FFS stop showing me Hot thisandthat , Feature blahblahblah , Recommended algorithmicjunk.

Because FFS when I ridicule Christianity, criticize the Pope, laugh at Ted Cruz, lambaste Libertarians, parody Fox, etc. , this should not be taken as a sign I want recommendations supporting that RWNuttery.

And it's worse, much worse, because Recommended algorithmicjunk fails especially hard when I am subtle, ironic, sardonic, or revel in Poe's Law.

The heuristic you're using to measure your algorithmic suggestions is too crude - still.

* * *

Aside from that, the banality of your other suggestions for me is beyond irritating - people, real people, have hard time figuring out the common thread of my interests, and they have a hard time not irritating me with their sincere suggestions. Google algorithms are significantly worse.

It's like this.  Once upon a time my aunt bought a giraffe figurine because she liked it. And then for 10 years everyone bought her giraffe figurines because everyone thought she really, really, really like them. In year 11 she finally told everyone to stop getting her giraffes because she didn't like them that much.

Or it's like this. A friend of mine bought a figurine of a cat, in a gaudy Mexican folk style. And so her friends bought her cat figurines. Or things that were gaudy. But they failed to noticed all the other Mexican folk art she had.
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Franklin Stone

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Franklin Stone

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By Adele Peters This article originally appeared on Fast Company and is reprinted with permission. Electric cars might be sexier. But Ryan Popple, who was an...
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I just read this article. Nice to know that people are looking at old issues with new eyes. I remember, though, a lecture at UCSD in which a professor said that all we were doing when we converted gas run cars to electric run cars was change the source of the energy. The co2 in the air and other pollution remained the same.
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Franklin Stone

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