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Father. PR pro. SCUBA Diver. Skydiver. US Soldier (Ret.) Go Pats!
Father. PR pro. SCUBA Diver. Skydiver. US Soldier (Ret.) Go Pats!


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Creating good content is just half the content marketing equation. The other half is content distribution. Here are six content distribution tips everyone else isn't already doing:

1) Email it again with a new subject line
2) Think beyond influencers and tell them they’ve been cited
3) Look for syndication to new or broader audiences
4) Pitch your content for a roundup
5) Share your content in the real world too
6) It’s important to build internal links

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The 2nd Annual JOTW Communications Survey is out! Key findings include:

>> PR gives itself good grades but worries about the future. Most communicators (64%) said their communications efforts over the last year were successful. Sentiment suggests those that take chances are more likely to say their efforts were successful than those with less tolerance for risk.
Respondents were surprisingly less sanguine about the future.

>> Comms strategies documented, but crisis plans not so much. Most organizations (59%) have a documented communications strategy; less than half (45%) report having documented crisis communications plans.

>> Budget is the top communications and PR challenge. Budget (59%) was the top challenge for the second year in a row. This was followed by limited staffing or headcount (55%); ever-expanding duties (52%); balancing priorities (49%); and measuring the impact of comms (49%). Just 18% anticipate budgets rising; 51% say they will remain flat and 29% expect budgets to fall.

>> More PR work is being taken in-house. Some 47% of respondents said they’ve observed more PR work being taken in-house. This mirrors broader trends in marketing, where CMOs have slashed agencies in favor of in-house teams. The top reasons for hiring an agency are: execution, expertise and for strategic projects; the top reasons for firing a firm are cost, poor client service and an inability to measure ROI.

#publicrelations #corporatecommunications
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Media references tend to take a back seat to the mad pace that is often B2B marketing. As a result, when the time comes that you really need one, there isn’t one to be found. A day turns into a week, a week into a month, and the reporter has long since dropped the story idea and never answers an email from your company again.

Media references are hard for several reasons. People are afraid, for example, and many corporate clients have policies that prohibit such interviews without a permission slip. In addition, the account management model many B2B shops follow means marketing has to lobby an enterprise account manager (AM) who would really prefer not to spend a favor asking for something that doesn’t advance a specific deal.

The best remedy is to build a relationship with sales and – at the organizational or leader level – to put into place a thoughtful system for cultivating references. On a grand scale, it might include discounting, special access or a leaderboard for the AMs – but it doesn’t have to be that complicated.

Here's how to build a program -- while getting the other marketing things you need done too.
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25 Outstanding Legal Tech and Business of Law Predictions for 2019

Predictions are a blend of facts, analysis, and aspiration. It’s a chance to pause and think – in a time where perhaps we don’t do this enough amid the pace of the business of law today.

As we did last year, we asked several big legal thinkers for their take on the forecast for legal tech and the business of law in 2019. Some predictions are long, some of them are short, but all of them offer a thoughtful analysis that looks at current legal trends from many sides.

We’ve listed those predictions below, and it’s important to note there is no intended order of precedence. We’ve listed them in the order in which they were received. We appreciate every contribution and hope you do as well.

#legal #businessoflaw #law
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Is Facebook still a good place to invest in social media marketing?

If your customers and prospects are on Facebook, than it probably is. If Facebook lost half of it’s users tomorrow, which will not happen because it had deep roots in the years of friend-making and photos users have invested on the platform, then it will still have somewhere around a billion users. Still, it’s always worth hedging bets and keeping an eye out for other opportunities.
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The Gartner report also cites that:

~30% of the marketing budget is going towards marketing automation
1 in 6 dollars spent (or 16% of the marketing budget) is targeting innovation
Mainstay activities email, search and website make up another 25% of the budget

This leaves me wondering, “What is marketing innovation?”.
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As we close in on the year’s end, I looked back over these marketing and PR statistics in an effort to surface those points that in some way, shape or form, help to summarize 2018 as a year.

Some of these are more like factoids than statistics, but they interesting just the same and can be grouped are heavily weighted along the following topics:

> Statistics about – or for – the #CMO;
> Statistics about digital and #B2Bmarketing;
> Statistics about #PR or #mediarelations; and
> Statistics about #contentmarketing.
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Q: Marketing seems to be tasked with a growing list of responsibilities – traditionally with things like awareness, leads, brand, voice of the customer, and more recently with data, analytics, technology and CX – what is the role of marketing in this modern environment?

MM: I still contend that the role of marketing is to create demand among qualified prospects in the target market and drive them to the appropriate sales channel.
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A few weeks ago, we published results to a survey of 263 respondents – Should Brands Take a Public Stand on Politics? It wasn’t just the title of the survey, it was also the central question – and accordingly, it was followed by the question “Why?”

We received 73 open-ended responses in total (19-yes, 35-no, 19-unsure). A word cloud of the responses is nearby – the larger the word, the more frequently it was used – and below is a representative sample of verbatim comments received.

#branding #politics
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Cybereason recognized that the professionals doing the work of protecting organizations and defending the enterprise simply don’t get enough credit. So, the company took to the idea of creating a documentary called the “The Defender” that flipped this on its head.

While there are some voices belonging to the company in the documentary, there is no selling. Instead, the documentary makes the market – customers and prospective customers – the hero in the film, as it walks the audience through four high profile breaches.

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