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Can you measure #content marketing by relationships? An interesting take on analytics by +Contently 
The pageview is perhaps the weakest of metrics; a paper by Contently argues we should measure content marketing by relationships.
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Don't be evil.  
Google Reportedly Blackmailed Websites Into Giving It Content For Free - I wish the FTC had taken stronger action here, given their findings, but Google's immense lobbying efforts probably helped soften the impact. 
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Exactly:  "the higher your content quality is, the more links it’ll naturally attract or earn." 
The rules regarding link building are seemingly always changing, so columnist Jayson DeMers lays out thoughts about what's safe, what isn't, and how you can hedge your bets.
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PR is glam de glam, right?  Tiki drinks, interesting conversations and the glamourous press release approval process. 

It takes three times as long to get a press release approved as it does to write a first draft.  
PR isn't all happy hours with glamourous people -- here's a look at the less glamourous duties of the public relations profession.
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52 Experts. 100 Tips.  Can't go wrong.  Until...
Now THAT's a list!

If you want to succeed in content marketing, what better way than getting 52 content marketing experts to share their Top 100 content marketing tips?

#content   #contentmarketing  
If you want to succeed in content marketing, what better way than getting 52 content marketing experts to share their Top 100 content marketing tips?
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Look at you, practicing your Upworthy lead ins! :)
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Are you an #SEO ?  Don't know anything about it -- and that worries you?  This post by +Moz is pure awesome.  And you should read their stuff anyway. It's always ridiculously good. 

For the intermediate, like me, I appreciate #10 the most -- social signals and separately my favorite line is "No. No they friggin' won't."
Most non-SEO folk you talk to are generally very nice people. Then, though, there's the non-SEO "expert" (loosely defined as someone who has a cousin in marketing). Well intentioned but misinformed, they believe SEO is urban legend, no better than a Ponzi scheme. In this post are a few of the worst offenders.
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Hey look!  The mainstream media is taking a page from the 2009 marketing playbook.  And apparently that's news. 
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Any of my G+ pals use Copyblogger for themes and hosting?  Responsive design? I've been eyeing them for a while and thinking about moving.  I love those guys, but man, that's a little company. Worries me. 
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I've come full circle. It’s taken me a while, but it’s true:  Most #PR people are either clueless or careless. 

If that gets your hackles up then good.  Now take a breath and read why I'm in this camp. 
Maybe public relations pros really are to blame for bad PR pitches, which means it's it's really easy to standout amid all the junk.
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Yoast SEO is an awesome plugin -- if you use it, be sure to update it!
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A new Golden Age?  

If an investment in a new feature is funded, how much new revenue will the feature drive?  This substance, McKinsey says, "is making it possible for marketers to identify more effectively the functional benefits that customers need, the experiences they want, and the innovations they will value."   #marketing  
A global management company says a new golden age of marketing stems from five technological factors: science, substance, simplicity, speed and story.
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Father. PR pro. Soldier. Scuba diver. Skydiver.
PR | Content Marketing | Social Media. Comms director with the LexisNexis Business of Law Software Solutions (BLSS) division located on NC State's Centennial Campus, Raleigh, NC. 
Bragging rights
PADI Master SCUBA Diver, "A" Licensed Skydiver, Famous people I've met (Forrest Gump style) include: Colin Powell, Sandra Day O'Conner, Richard Dreyfuss, Polly Draper, David Petraeus, and John Kerry.
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  • American University
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Great park! Excellent play equipment and clean bathrooms. Bring a bike or a big wheel as there is a kids sized track to ride on.
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Tried to order a custom birthday cake 4 weeks ahead of time. Rep was pretty rude on the phone, clearly wasn't interested.
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Took my gear there for a rush job for snap decision dive trip. They did good work, but it was definitely expensive for a rush job -- and extra $10 per stage. However, one of the things I liked is when I picked my gear up, they let you jump in the pool to make sure it's all working. I tooled around for about 30 minutes to get my weights right and do some skills refresher. Good shop; I'd use them again. Might even forgive them for being SSI vice PADI.
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Homemade ice cream is worth a little ride out. Pretty drive too!
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I did a tandem jump in 2007 and later in 2011 returned to take the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course to earn a basic skydiving license. It's been a great experience and I'd highly recommend Skydive Orange to anyone interested in doing a "bucket list" jump or in getting licensed to skydive. Safety: Safety is a priority. If you are doing a tandem, you'll get a quick overview and then a tandem instructor will take you for the jump. The tandem instructors are amazingly skilled skydivers and will give you a joy ride you cannot forget. In the AFF program, the instructors continuously emphasize safety and drill students on contingencies. People: Skydiving is a community onto itself. It's a great group here and they'll make you feel welcomed. Facilities: Skydive Orange opened up a new hanger in 2011. It's clean, bright and an awesome facility. An enormous step up form their old hanger. Plane: I've seen Skydive Orange use two types of planes: a Skyvan and an Otter. Both are dual-prop aircraft that will get you to altitude quickly. There are seats (benches) to keep you off the floor, which is a plus an beats riding up on the floor of a Cesna. Cost? Skydiving is expensive. If you're doing a tandem jump for fun, it's well worth getting videos and stills. You'll want to remember. For AFF students, I'd recommend purchasing video a couple times because its very useful to see what the instructor is telling you during de-briefing after jumping. It'll help you get better.
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