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Frank Strong
Father. PR pro. SCUBA Diver. Skydiver. US Soldier (Ret.) Go Pats!
Father. PR pro. SCUBA Diver. Skydiver. US Soldier (Ret.) Go Pats!

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When you’re looking for a customer reference in a hurry, the sales team is your best bet, although those actively involved in social media will find they develop a roster of customer influencers directly.
When one corporate blog I once worked on started posting a bunch of case studies I pointed to the social shares and said — see? It doesn’t work! Nobodies sharing the content.

However, a dive into Google Analytics told a different story: those posts easily had double the unique page views.

Why? Because the sales people were emailing links to potential prospects — a chance to touch a prospect with helpful content without asking for something in return.

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Who is the most liked #CEO in the advertising world?

It's a #PR executive, Richard Edelman, who handily trounced both Publicis CEO Maurice Levy and WPP's Chief Executive Martin Sorrell.

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Ahrefs ranks sites with a backlink profile on a scale of 1 to 100, where higher is better. To give you a sense, here are the [current] Ahrefs DR scores for the following public relations oriented websites: 64 63 63 61 61 57

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Here’s a content idea: build a bridge. And no, that’s not a metaphor.

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Rank argued that persuasive communications techniques fall into one of two categories — intensify or downplay. A persuasive argument would intensify, or accentuate, positive characteristics while downplaying the less positive. By the same token, a persuasive argument might intensify negative characteristics, for example about the competition, or by downplaying the competition’s positives.

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If you are not consistent, you will have endless discussions about proving the value of content marketing but never get started.

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Brands need a mechanism in place to move things along – to turn traffic into subscribers, and subscribers into prospects, and prospects into leads, and leads into sales.

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I’ve gotten a couple clients and a former employer into the Wall Street Journal over my career, and that photo in Roll Call is right up there with them in my book. Planning, luck, timing — a photo that defies expectations — that’s media relations.

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Reporter takes PR rants on journalists. 

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Certainly, the mechanism by which we send messages has evolved dramatically, but so too has the way audiences receive messages.
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