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#ios6  gets a new built-in-"where the heck i can disable this"-integration/feature: facebook.
don't know what to think about... well... i don't care :D right now i'm happy that i sold my iiiiiiphone.
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Coolest thing about the #ios6  news is the ability to answer a call with a message. Thats about it. 
just deleted my facebook account.....but i don´t get that fucking app deleted from my android.... (is there any help for me out there???)
+David Perez 
I had an iphone for several years. Recently switched to Android because of lack of Customization and features I wanted. I'm aware of what i was missing out on. 
+Julia Su search the app in app/play store. You should be able to delete it with a click on 'uninstall'.
+Frank Schillinger  yeah...that was my first thought. And then i get this: "uninstall updates"....the app itself stays :-(
just asked´s a preinstalled app on my phone....need to root it if i wanna delete
Wow... Never heard something like that. Which provider?
pppppppllllllllllllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeee GET G+ INTEGRATION AND REMOTE WEB INSPECT, AND I WILL BUY AN iPHONE
never get an apple product anyway :) be smart be opensource :)
no, because too much of android sucks, especially the API's, and i like xcode. if they get better w/ the next version, maybe.
indeed my next one will be android,I don't like apple for many reasons,politics,price,hardware (man how can you upgrade an imac????) or windows mobile (just kidding)
+David Kaiser WP7.5 is actually really nice. i know that windows phones used to suck, but be open-minded.
well I am a windows user on pc but on phones hmmm :) but now hard to choose with all that mumbo jumbo,I will never be a mobile guy (never used a laptop) and my mobile phone is Soooooo old :)
Except for my text-only cell phone, my only other mobile device is my 6 y/o laptop that runs Linux.
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