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Keep connecting with other people in Google+ -- and keep more spam out with our new content controls setting.

Our Communities are great places to share and discuss the things you love. Unfortunately, spammers are also aware of how communities bring lots of people together, and they target all manner of spam or racy and inappropriate content to many of our most active communities.

So today we’ve added more protection to our communities with stronger content filters & controls. Now we can be more aggressive in identifying inappropriate posts in a Community. When this setting is on, Google+'s content filter is more likely to flag posts that are questionable, so fewer of them will show up in your Community. Check your moderator queue to see these blocked posts.

Stronger content filtering will be on by default when you create a community and will be gradually enabled for many existing communities, so we can keep your communities great!

Learn more:
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That is a good step in the right direction!
+Frank Rodriguez a good idea: 
but how can it be switched off ?

in our german "politics and society" - communty, we allready had about 8 of 40 posts (=20 %) per day in the "spam - filter" - while only 0.5 per day were real commercial spam: with stronger filter, it could be even more we have to free until our members can see them: so we would prefer to switch to weaker filter function:  

I hope, the funktion to disable it for existing communitys will come soon ?



an edit afterwards. 

 partial all - clear*: 
one of my colleaques  (our politica. communty has more "owners") succeded: 
in new design, the checkbox is manipulatible: so all owners can switch to "less filter".  Thanks to the good coders: 
with some recomendments, arferwards 
not to set those function as "default", 
because for some, or many communtiy, it could create more problems as it solves :-))
We, communities owners, do not want YOU to take care about OUR communities. We want YOU to stay AWAY from them and let US decide what is spam and what is not, in our own communities. We do not mind you taking care of child pornography and nazi propaganda, but thhat seem to be out of your reach. How do I know? Too often I find benign self produced music clips in my spam vault, while half naked underaged girls I can see all over the place. Think about that and take care.
+Christoph Schaddach
neues schwachsinns feature das keiner braucht und alles instabiler macht als eh schon ist ! ich hoffe ich kann den mist auch abschalten aber funktioniert nicht weil kein zugriff darauf !! cheers google lol
I'm actually looking forward to this. We community moderators still have control, and can switch it off if we want to, but I'd rather have a few people wait a day until a moderator has time to review their post than have some bad posts show up for a day before a moderator gets around to removing them.
Please tell me you've not restricted this to the new G+ web UI?!
+Niall Farrington  the settings - seem to be only availible, in you 
- create a new community, 
- only in new Design.

if you have new design and look at the settings of one of your existing community, there seems to be a checkbox: but this setting ist not changible, 
a moderator colleaque told me :-))

And yes, ALL existing communitys were changed to the "improved" setting, 
which lead in our community to a "spam" quere of 11 of 14 posts in the last 5 hours !

and that i have to check ALL my other communitys too :-((

a gread deal of work and for what ?
+James Jensen you refer to your salt lake citiy developers community - with the last post from August 2015 ?
in our general political community,
we have 10.500 members and 14 posts in the last 5 hours:  
11 were delayed in the "spam" queue: 
none of them was violating any rules of google or our community.

The problem with political issues is, that most people want to see their posts publised in the same hour they post it: half a day later, discussion could be further.

and our 6 active moderators are not always online: 

for larger communitys, this new "improvement"  s .... seems not to be of advantage,
it only brings additiional work to moderators and even if they work every hour, still more dissatisfaction to posters :-(
+Nien Nunb perhaps in smaller coms, where you look weekly, some get angry if they find one or two commercial spammer in it: 

but defence is simple: mark him for spam,
and google could mark mor of his posts for spam.....

or comment him, that its not the right place for commercials : most commercialiss understand it. 

but if a friend does a post 
and the post lands in the spam queue, 
and you even don´t get a notice if a post lands in the spam quere, even if you have the bell on 

the you don´t get a notice for a weeek and the friend is not amused: even if you try to explain it: "it was google". 

its also not good for google to be targed of such explanations: 

a loose - loose - loose - situation ?

it seems, its even not better for smaller communitys.
+Christoph Schaddach
das spam bot prinzip von google ist reiner schwachsinn !! ich will entscheiden was abgeht und google hat seine finger von den coms zu lassen. das geht die gar nix an. ich hab in meinen coms fast noch nie irgendwelchen echten spam gehabt und ich hab auch welche mit tausenden mitgliedern die täglich dutzende beiträge posten.
ich hab nur ärger damit. und andere dinge werden von google gar nicht erledigt obwohl tausendmal wichtiger. kindergarten ist das
+Nien Nunb it has a fail judgement relation about 95 % - against the innocent.
and in ALL of the 95 % one innocent user gets angry: 
why is my post not where it should be ?
why is my comment not readible ?


it would be better if the programm gets only active after human action: 
more suspicious against profiles already denounced as spam :-))

(in political argues, some opponents do such denouncements, perhaps, but google also could register, if others (posters, or morderatos) set tnose denounced posts or comments free visible again: so the program could see wrongly denounced profiles as "less spamming profiles again. ^^) 

if the program would rely only, or mainly, on human action, than algorithm, with unclear criteria, and delaying 11 posts of 14, it would be less damage !
+Christoph Schaddach No, I was referring to the Latter Day Saints community that I moderate, with roughly 8000 members ( 

We average a few posts a day, and the community is heavily focused on providing a safe and uplifting place, as opposed to a politically-charged and argumentative one. The posts aren't really time-sensitive, and we probably get a higher-than-normal ratio of trolls compared with legitimate engagement, so it's nice to have the option to crank up the filtering a bit so our members don't have to be exposed to hateful rhetoric.

Different audience; different goals; different preferences. 

Google's algorithms aren't great, and I can certainly understand you wanting to have the option to have less (or no) filtering. I just saw all the negative feedback here and didn't want them to get the impression that nobody appreciates their efforts to provide stronger filtering as well. I think the "silent majority" quietly appreciates this feature, as evidenced by the +1s and reshares, whereas the few disgruntled people are more likely to post comments.
PS partial all - clear
one of my colleaques  (our politica. communty has more "owners") succeded: 
in new design, the checkbox is manipualtible: so all owners can switch to "less filter". 
(if they run "new design")

then, the only pleas to google were: 
to make "less filter" as default:

with more filter, ALL community could get mor dissatisfied members than with less: 
in there is spam, every member can mark it as spam, or call a moderator:
if there are no posts, its more frustrating, for normal members can cannot act against it: 
but to make ALL menbers moderators would also not be a good idea: moderators can kick out other moderators - without any notice who did it: 
documentation of moderator action would be a perhaps more useful construction site for community improvements: 
members often complain that some moderators do not even say who did it and for what he did something: such bad manners get supported by hierarchical programm funtions :-))
+Christoph Schaddach
ich sag doch : schwachsinn !!
mods können mods kicken und owner owner.
und jeder kann jeden anmachen und reporten. nebenbei gibt es millionen fake accounts die man mittlerweile kaum noch überwachen kann da auch seitdem  vor ein paar monaten , für ein paar monate (ca. sept. 2015 - februar 2016) wo alles kaputt war ,sind jetzt auch die mitglieder in den coms durcheinander geraten und werden willkürlich aufgezeigt anstatt wie zuvor gewohnt in alphabetischer reihenfolge.
keiner macht was. hier hat in wirklichkeit keiner wirklich ahnung was das G+ mitglied , ganz besonders - normaler poster, mod, und owner eigentlich will und braucht !
+James Jensen excuse me, 
as i was reading "salt lake city", i should have thought myself, that there coult be other, more active Communitys with differet problems and exeriences:

as a community of Later Day Saints, 
you are the target of ALL 
and just for the Lulz - Trolls:

While in our policical communiy, we are familar to them: als you describe: the differece between "political discussion", "rhetoric" and "trolling" is more or less: 

while in religious themes, the difference between discussing and trolling is clearer in the intention.

"Different audience; different goals; different preferences". 

and i am glad that this improved google freature can help religious communitys: (i myself am an atheist: but other atheists acting like intolerant hate speakers have improved my respect for beliefs of other people: 
everyone who respects another ist okay, 
and everyone who despises another ist not :-))


So the position to the new feature depends on the kind of community: 
religious, or more private themes, molested by trolls and commercials, would pefer stronger filter,

"normal" communitys, like space travel, photo sessions, or politics, where trolling and commercials is less an issue, and would not disturb the "game",  wohld prefer istant posts without delays ?
+Nien Nunb some items i can explain: 
that the members in the communty - preview are not more listed alphabetical: makes sense: because months before some porn sites, or even pishing and trojan sites made accounts with !!!!! names that were listet first in communty previews and menber cataloques: 
we kicked them out, but two days later 50 new ones came ... i am sure, google fought against them somewhat, some profiles dissolved, but asian face account creators were faster in creating new ones:

now, wthout alphabetical listing, they desappear between the 10.000 others :-))


That owners can kick owners: who else could do it  ? so, if you have no people you REALLY can trust, better stay alone (i did for two communitys) - and if you want to survive your company even a profile loss, create a real secondary profile as the other one :-))
(disadvantage: everyone knows your second profile  - if you dont want to lie and pretend ^^)


mass of fakeaccounts: i also see this as "freedom". today i interfered with a polish troll with about 5 profiles. its okay - another troll had 40, and a few montha ago google killed 25 of them: because they 25 refeered to the same mail adress. ^^
But they are a minor problem, since some  of our moderators are sometimes trolls itself: a moderator of a political community seems to have a necessity to be familiar with some kind of trolling.  :-))
The bigger problem and frontline is the increase of racist hate speech in the european web  :-((

yes: more contact of google programming to users would be useful: instead of thinking what they would need: and do things that they find frustrating: aks them !

there would be perhaps good ideas, like: 
- documenting moderator actions for all: who did it ? that could gain more confidence
- moderators not be able to kick moderators,   
   especially not without documentation
- spam filter according to human reports
- ....  :-)) - and a stream where i see only one post per friend: and not 3 of the same one: so i could give a pluss to more friends :-))
+Christoph Schaddach
ich bin deutscher du kannst also deutsch rden ! ich weiss das , aber dadurch das man das nicht mehr alphabetikalisch vor augen hat kann ich eben nicht mehr so einfch jemanden visuel finden. (wie du schon sagst die faker mit den sonderzeichen am anfang der namen)
+Nien Nunb ich habe halt englisch geschrieben, aus Respekt vor dem Post - Inhaber, (der soll ruhig mitlesen - wenn er will, das ist ja die Verbindung Nutzer zu Firma die wir gernen hätten !) und den anderen hier :-))
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