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+Chikezie Ejiasi recommended rdio a while back and it's Awesome!

I am confused about one part though: When it's done playing what I queue up, it reverts to a "default" playlist. 2 weeks ago, that default was 100% Skrillex and then about a week ago it turned into 100% Taylor Swift.

As a result of this I've been listening to a lot of Taylor Swift and I'm tired of hearing how boys are mean to her... Anyone know how to change the "default" playlist?
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Lol. Nice! It depends on who you're following. It'll auto jump to either your Collection, your friends' collection, or a playlist of your choosing. Also, you can tap on "ON-Your Collection Station" and switch to a different stream. 
I'm not following anyone right now... Must be a bug with their empty state recommendations. I'll turn on my collection station. 
+Frank Petterson you are a very complex person. Taylor Swift and guns... Norway is starting to sound interesting.. 
Very important lessons in Taylor Swift music; mainly: be mean to a famous pop singer and she'll probably write a song about you.  Possibly some deep philosophical messages we should try to incorporate into the next releases?

Also, I wonder what kind of code you're writing to Taylor Swift music.
Taylor Swift... This explains.... SO much. ;-)
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