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Today's update to the Google+ app includes the following features:

- Full size backups of your photos and videos (iOS7 only)
- Location sharing with friends (if you want), including circle-level controls
- Inline translation of posts and comments
- A single search box for posts, people, photos and communities

Download v4.6 from the App Store (, and let us know what you think! To start sharing your location, make sure location reporting is "on" in the Google Search app (

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finally location share arrive!
great! if only the auto-awesome for movies too.. Hopefully that will come before the holidays. 
+Randy Hoopes It sounds like you are referring to the update button in the App Store? If so, maybe give it a bit of time in case the latest build is still being rolled out?
Any chance we'll see Dynamic Text support some day? Have mercy with Retina iPad mini owners. 
Scrolling isn't as good as it used to be on the iPad. 
Location share was added like 4 months ago
That single search box was a much needed update. I hope it comes to android soon.

BTW please don't put it in the navigation menu (aka the hamburger). Search is an action, not a category.
Location feature is NOT working! App crashes every time i tap on it!
From the picture looks like +Kate Cushing is hard at work working on the next version of hangouts! :D
Apple's fault as much as Google's but I'm still sad that it's iOS 6 and above only. Which excludes older devices.
Nice to have #latitude  again on the Google+ app. IT should also be available on the desktop version.
However, the positioning reporting from the Google Search app is not accurate at all. It gets completely inaccurate when the Search app is not open in the background. Please fix / improve.
Good to have my Ex-Latitude iOS buddies finally back. Thank you! Now I would like to see an integration of Locations for the Desktop. Also, please allow us to do more with location based sharing. I would love to see location based events with a pinging option. See more details here:
hai Urdu Hindi Telugu frends all 
What is the difference of the friends' avatars in Location menu, some of which are round, others square?
Good. Now it's time to catch up with Mobile Web and Desktop Web as well.
- Background location. Perhaps via the desktop notifications and Now.
- Ability to set your location to be shown on your profile without doing a G+ post
- Location in posts when posting
- Nearby Posts
- Centre on me in Maps
- Display of Friends location on maps

Soon please. It's been 3 months since Latitude was killed.
But Ho
That great.I want to update my g+ Apps.
Finally location share arrive! Does Location History works? (
The app is crashing when you are already logged in with the same account at a different device.
Esto no es que funcione muy bien
Oooh I am bad mood, because so many duty not yet clear. I need some entertaint.
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