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Hangouts 2.0 for iOS: more reliable, more fun!

Today we’re launching the newest version of Hangouts for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch, ready to download now on iTunes ( The app has a brand new look and feel, is super easy to navigate, and includes a bunch of performance improvements. You can still make free voice and video calls, of course. Or send a quick photo. But we’re adding a few more features we think you’ll love:

- Stickers: express your mood with fun animated stickers. Think of them as emoji, but even more awesome.

- Video Messages: record and send short videos to everyone in the conversation. Now you can really say what you need to say.

- Location sharing: send a map of your current location with a few simple taps. Great for coordinating the whole gang when you’re ready to hangout IRL.

- Optimized for the iPad: enjoy big, beautiful video calls, and a two-pane conversation view. Perfect for the iPad’s larger screen.

We hope you enjoy the new Hangouts for iOS. As always, your feedback is an important part of making the app better, so give the new version a spin ( and let us know what you think! 
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Where are these features for Android? Also I would love Google Voice integration 
I celebrate you do nice things for iOS people but damn Android should have the cool stuff (videonmessages and voice integration)
Same comment i posted on Vic's post: VoIP calls in Android? Remember that pesky mobile OS that Google owns? Does it have to lag iOS by months (years?) in features?
Sean M
Pretty dumb move to keep your Android version behind iOS'
Wow, those are a class list of features, hopefully the other 80% of smartphone users will be able to enjoy them soon, can't wait :-)
Fantastic update! Here's a feature suggestion: voice-only Hangout calls, à la FaceTime audio. 
amazingly better, finally!!!! I'm not seeing any way to send short video messages? 
+Randy Hoopes Click the paper clip, and then click the camera icon. If you hold down the camera shutter button, it'll do a video. 
This is a nice update.  It would be great if one could initiate a voice call to a contact’s phone number from the Favorites tab.  The Calls tab seems kind of tacked on rather than well integrated with the rest of the app.
+Cristian Teodoridis I'm sure it will be great when it does come. Better to release it without bugs than have it released with bugs and loose users.
For everyone complaining, they said voice integration would come around May, or at least when all the other apps leveraging Google Voice shut down, so they could have a secure system. And we know we'll get a few of these features in a few weeks. 
+Frank Petterson I'm hoping for huge improvements to the android version. I've actually moved to hello SMS because hangouts just misses some important features. And I'm hoping we'll get the ability to send video messages and make a VoIP call in addition to video. Please! 
ugh, was so hopeful.  A green chat icon is not the same as an idle mobile icon!  I want to know who is at their computers vs. idle and/or mobile!
This is fantastic! The iOS app wasn't very appealing frankly. Was a real downer recommending it to my iPhone freinds. But this is a major improvement! And I like the new features.

It's easier to develop/upgrade for iOS. With a unified platform across its apple devices one upgrade works for all. Android suffers a great degree of fragmentation and takes relatively longer to provide a seamless experience across all devices. Hope to see this reach Android soon! 
I LOVE IT, but what's going on with the android version? there is a lout of work to do with the app. 
Can't wait for Android version to get the new features.
I'd like to see this on Android soon. It needs a major design polish.
It appears as a great update! Let's just hope it is stable enough. 
makes me not want to use the android version anymore :-(
What a fantastic update - I'm in love! Was starting to worry the Hangouts team had abandoned iOS.
For me this update is very nice, but for the Hangouts team it's a huge fail. This version of the app is 0% accessible for people who are visually impaired and need to use VoiceOver, how can this possibly be overlooked? +Vic Gundotra +Eric Schmidt +Sergey Brin
+James Wagar Swipe any cell in the Contacts, Favorites, or Hangouts tabs. If they've confirmed their phone number, you'll see a Voice option :)
Once again Google raises a big middle finger to all its loyal Android users. Maps, Search, and now this…
+Frank Petterson Could you please use roboto light or helvetica neue light instead of roboto regular? I like this update on my Air. But that bold font is just..
Lost the ability to share/send a pic that is not in the Camera Roll. Used to be there before the update. & still cant send a video file. All other IMs can access non camera roll (albums) pictures and can send videos. 
This would be fun to have on Android too, but for now I'd be content if the Android app would simply deliver its messages in realtime, every time. It sometimes takes well over 20 minutes for messages to arrive, even if they've already arrived in the browser version!
+Eric Leamen 

"Was starting to worry the Hangouts team had abandoned iOS."

Huh? As Anton Chigurh would say: "You don't know what you're talking about, do you?" 
Ios before Android? Who the duck is running the google plus development team and putting more effort into the oppositions system? I guess i better start ditching my Nexus products and go buy some apple seeing as they are now getting more support from google than goggles own products 
Android fans whines with every update ..
They have different dev teams. They push out updates independently. FFS.
Btw.. I don't see video messages on iPad ?
This is truly disappointing that  us dedicated android fans are last again.
Sooooooo how about releasing an update for Android (I realize you're different teams but iOS shouldn't be ahead of Android)... since, you know, it's the DEFAULT messaging/SMS app. 
e quando vai sair a versão para android ?!
Having separate teams is not an excuse for releasing iOS features months and months before the Android version. If the Android version takes so long, either you need to increase the size of the development team or you're telling the public that development on Android is much more difficult than on iOS.
Nice update, but are we ever going to get call for free worldwide to other Hangouts users, similar to the way Viber works for its users? It's basically there already with video call, I know, but it's not quite the same...
In Hangouts contact list, one should be able to get the choice of initiating a free voice call, video call or chat.
+Marshall Bock Thanks for letting me know this.  In my opinion, they shouldn’t have to confirm.  I already have their number and can place a voice call from the Calls tab.  Why should THEY have to confirm just to make it easier for ME?  Seems like a way to collect more data.
+Frank Petterson Treat others the way you want to be treated.
I'm going to start using Bing first, and if I can't find what I'm looking for then I will use Google. 
Very good. Just missing a voice only button. 
+Frank Petterson  I think the requirement for a user to verify their number before the voice button shows up in OTHER PEOPLE's phones is backwards.  Either eliminate this requirement, or make it so if I verify MY number, I will see the voice button on everyone else's contact.  People don't know they should verify, so this requirement is just limiting the full usage of the app/service.  
+Frank Petterson  The video message needs to be tweaked.  if you try and shoot the video in landscape then the result is mirrored upside down no matter what.  In portrait it does it correctly.
Look, android users, because android comes on huge array of devices, all with different hardware and different versions of android, iOS is just easier to develop for. Either love and embrace your super customizable devices and understand that you're always going to get updates AFTER iOS gets them, or change to Apple devices so you get updates first. Either way, quit friggin whining.
+Angela Huffman My only add on to this, Nexus devices should receive updates no matter what since that is google stuff.  But, again I understand that Android is not device specific but I still think they should push out the updates for the Nexus flavors and make everyone else catch up.  Of course then they have extra it is a never ending vicious circle.
I've had Hangouts on my Iphone since it was released. However I'm currently using the Kazakhstan apple app store and not only does there seem to be no update, when I check on the app store Google's Hangouts app no longer seems to appear.. Is there a reason for this? When might it be fixed?
Interesting strategy to get more hangout users... 
+Angela Huffman Nice little hypothesis there, but in fact it's not the case that iOS always gets app updates before Android. 
With the closure of the API, SMS not available in the iOS version of Hangouts just isn't acceptable. Trying to use the web version to do so is more than just silly as mentioned above, it's so unwieldy as to be painful. When can we expect that update?
After 2,5 months later Hangouts for Android has none of these features, good-going Google, thanks for your Android loyalty.
Would be nice if you and your team could allow us to upload pre-recorded videos like we can for Youtube. For example, if I want to showcase or demonstrate a product or service to a group of people, I would like the ability to show a HD video in hangouts and then get some instant feedback from co-workers, clients etc..Come on Google, please add this feature like you have available on youtube. It can't be that difficult to include.
Frank Petterson...
How do you do the moving, animated stickers?
All my friends can do it but me...
Please respond as soon as possible...
A year after iOS gets video messages in Hangouts, and still not available on Android...really?
Will video messages ever come to Android or is it time to get an iPhone and use iMessage?
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