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Frank Ozaki

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A perfect bathtub cat loop

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Having worked at a shelter as a teen, we were always taught it was best to get kittens used to water when they were young. 

That said, there are also certain breeds that are more likely to enjoy water than others. (Our youngest cat is part Norwegian Forest Cat, and she'll play in water midway up to her chest.. we've never been brave enough to see if she'll take to any more than that ;)
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Frank Ozaki

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the "Loving Vincent" kickstarter didn't make funding, but they are going to try again on Feb. 17th. Please spread the word!
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Frank Ozaki

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Happiest Man on Earth is a Buddhist Monk:
"The 66-year-old’s brain produces a level of gamma waves – those linked to consciousness, attention, learning and memory – never before reported in neuroscience."

“The mind is malleable [...] Our life can be greatly transformed by even a minimal change in how we manage our thoughts and perceive and interpret the world. Happiness is a skill. It requires effort and time."
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Frank Ozaki

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Saw that on the local news last night. I'm just a couple of counties away.  It made me laugh out loud to see it. I hope the city council brings them back next year.
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Frank Ozaki

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spirit of the season, plz help if you can...
Help give Christmas to a family without a father

One week ago the Metro bus I was on struck and killed a pedestrian. Though I and other passengers rushed to the man's aid, he passed away. I don't think he was conscious following the accident, and it might be for the best as I really can't imagine his distress had he been aware. I stayed with him and I prayed for him till he was gone. His name was Charlie Turman, and he left behind three children and their mother.

I wrote about the experience (, and by chance or divine intervention, or whatever you want to call it - Charlie's family happened to see it and reach out to me. I've spoken with them a few times now, and while there is the expected grief, it is clear to me that their experience this Christmas has the potential to color their Holiday Season for the rest of their lives.

Passing on my Secret Santa

This year, instead of putting my own name on the Secret Santa list, I'm submitting the names of the members of Charlie's family. I humbly ask if you could find room in your heart to give some Holiday cheer to a family in desperate need of it. I've created four lists, one for each member of the family:

Ashton; Boy - Age 9:
He was the hardest hit by the loss of his father. When I spoke to him he asked "Were you with him when my Daddy died?" He loves skateboarding and active sports.

Cameron; Girl - Age 11:
She feels the loss of her father in the way that only a daughter can miss her daddy. She asked me "Did Daddy say anything?", and I had to tell her that her daddy was unable to speak. She like dolls and makeup, and games for her Playstation 2.

Charlie; Boy - Age 14:
He is the tough soldier, the only one who wouldn't speak to me. I'm sure he is trying to stay strong for the rest of his family. His mother tells me that he likes Professional Wrestling, and has a talent for Drawing.

Jeanette; Wife:
She told me that they were best friends, and that Charlie's last words to her were "I love you, I'm on my way." She is currently taking night classes and is thinking of pursuing a career in criminal justice. However, right now she is just trying to take care of her kids, and cannot even afford the $330.00 cost to have have the victim's ashes released to the family so they can lay them to rest.

Give a hurting family some Holiday Joy

Only time will ease their broken hearts, and nothing will ever bring back this family's father. But maybe together we can bring them a smile. Maybe we can show them the meaning of "Goodwill toward men". 

I ask that you please consider a gift for this family. There are options on the lists for as low as $10. But even if you can't offer anything yourself, I politely ask that you share this post so that we can make as many people aware as possible. If you would like to contribute something that is not on the lists, please reach out to me privately to discuss it or for contact info.

Thank you for your generosity, and Happy Holidays!

#GplusSanta   #SantaGift  
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Frank Ozaki

commented on a video on YouTube.
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ahh, feathers. the sign of self-absorbed playa virgins.
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+Tarus BALOG that's what we did one afternoon after the burn way back in 1998, i think. we were helping clean the playa, post-burn, and i found so many feathers that had blown from who knows where stuck in former wet spots on the playa that i vowed to never ever be quiet when i see people wearing feathers on the playa. they used to be explicitly forbidden because they cause such a mess, but in recent years it seems like the BMORG has been looking the other way about them. it makes me super angry, because they are turning a blind eye to what a huge problem they are.
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Frank Ozaki

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This sixth grader was openly bullied for being Buddhist. By his teachers. Sign the petition now asking the DOJ to investigate and put an end to religious discrimination in Louisiana's Negreet High.
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34,010th here. Nice to see that about 8K more people signed up in less than 12 hours.

Stuff like this just baffles me. I cannot find the words for how terrible this is, 14 years into the 21st Century.
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wonderful to read tom baker's thoughts regarding his #DoctorWho cameo. <3
I love this - how nice it is to hear how much Tom enjoyed his cameo and what the fans mean to him.
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Frank Ozaki

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this could alter my feelings about the Boy Scouts...
"The picture below, taken by @MattLyonSLC, shows boy scouts in Salt Lake City (in rainbow kerchiefs no less) delivering pizza to county workers who are skipping their lunch break to keep serving the hundreds upon hundreds of gay couples lining up around the block for marriage licenses. Utah. Boy scouts. Delivering pizzas. To support. Gay marriage. The. End."
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I'm just happy they taught me how to tie so many knots.

In all seriousness though, my generation is already showing a decrease in religious affiliation or, at least, a decrease in adherence to the more intolerant tenets of such faiths. Hopefully the Boy Scouts will follow suite. 
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