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PVC + Flip Flops = Techno

We thought you'd enjoy this... :)   #techno   #music  

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So far this is the best explanation I've heard trying to explain that mental place you go to. Please repost if you'd like.

Story of Jason by Sergeant Kevin Briggs:

After about an hour of speaking with Jason, he asked us if we knew the story of Pandora's box. Recalling your Greek mythology, Zeus created Pandora, and sent her down to Earth with a box, and told her, "Never, ever open that box." Well one day, curiosity got the better of Pandora, and she did open the box. Out flew plagues, sorrows, and all sorts of evils against man. The only good thing in the box was hope. Jason then asked us, "What happens when you open the box and hope isn't there?" He paused a few moments, leaned to his right, and was gone. This kind, intelligent young man from New Jersey had just committed suicide.

( Kevin Briggs: The bridge between suicide and life )

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It's been almost two years to the day that I put a 9mm to my head, pulled the trigger and shot myself. I somehow survived. And I got so lucky that I look almost the exact same as i did before the shooting. My doctors are amazing.

It would have been nice for them to give my a nose job while they were in there, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Many of you have told me that if I ever needed help to let you know. I need help badly. I'm begging for your help. Please. This is what i need...

This video is the first thing I've seen about suicide that has EVER made me cry like a baby. Kevin Briggs explains things so well, which is almost impossible to do even from those of us that have tried to go over that threshold.

Actually, we don't TRY to do it - it just happens. There's a huge difference, and it's almost impossible to put into words.

There's only three things that can take away pain that deep when it hits you. Sleep. Drug and/or alcohol abuse. And killing yourself. Not therapy. Not talking to friends. Not eating granola in the woods for a year. Nothing else works. And sleep only works so many times. The only way to make it through is to live another day and get the proper help you need. Otherwise you end up an addict.

Or you end up dead.

Almost every survivor I've ever talked to has said the same thing I did - as soon as take that last step - whatever it was - you sort of come out of that mental place for a nanosecond and you know that you've made a mistake. It happened to me the split-second after I pulled the trigger and before the bullet got all the way through my head.

The people that had some time before they blacked out told me that the thought kept going through their head. It's the last thought you have before you die.

The very last thought you will ever have. Ever.

Kevin Briggs explains it very, very well, including what to do and how to talk to someone who is on the edge. If you say the right thing it's possible that you may actually save their life. The opposite is unfortunately true as well.

So if you want to help me then please, please share this video with everyone you know. And ask them to share it.

Why? Because it may save lives. Not just one life, but many.

That's the help in begging you all for. Please

Thank you Mr. Briggs.

-Frank Merenda,

Suicide attempted on June 21st, 2012.

Apparently also an extremely bad shot. :)

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