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"Gonads are useful, but not for brains." - Paul Harvey
"Gonads are useful, but not for brains." - Paul Harvey
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I've been using Android O DP3 for a while, and while overall it's pretty stable, it also is not optimized. I find occasional slow downs and the camera tends to get unresponsive. A restart usually clears this up. 

Setting up my new iPad Pro, and I have to say, setting up a new iOS device is not any better than setting up a new Android device. 

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I've installed Android O on my Nexus 6P and it seems to me that battery life is worse than with Nougat. It doesn't appear to me that Doze is as effective. 

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Google Rattles the Tech World With a New AI Chip for All | WIRED

The beginning of Skynet?

When I run the Reminders app on my watch I get a message that says To use Reminders, update the Android Wear app on your phone. The Android Wear app on my phone is current. Is there something wrong with this app? 

Wipe my watch to start over and found out how much of a PITA it is to reinstall a ton of watch faces and apps. +Google really took a step backward in this part of the user experience.

Upgraded my Huawei Watch 1 to Android Wear 2. I create a reminder via assistant on the watch. The reminder is saved and I can see it in reminders on the phone. When the reminder fires, I do not see it on the watch. It appears on the phone with no notification to the watch. Is anyone else experiencing this? 

Hmmm, created a reminder on my watch. The reminder fired in my phone but not on the watch? 

I like the new notifications in Android Wear 2, but I have to remember to tap the notification to take action on them rather than swipe left as you do with version 1.

UI changes that involve muscle memory are difficult to overcome. 
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