The courts, and not the school disciplinary process, are exactly the right venue for this type of off-campus personal dispute between students -- just as would be the case if one student smashed into the other student's car off campus. Campus disciplinary systems already are overburdened, rife with racial discrimination, and lacking in fundamental due process. We can't expect schools to be the arbiter of every bad thing that happens between two students. If the hostility spills over into on-campus misbehavior, then the on-campus misbehavior can and should be punished -- otherwise, it is a matter for families, the courts and the police to address. The Cobb County school system got this right -- there are off-campus remedies (in this situation, entirely successful ones, as the offending Facebook page has been pulled down) that are much better suited to provide a just result in the case of off-campus disagreements.
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