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+ZDogg MD is revolutionizing the doctor / patient relationship! 

Please take a moment to watch his +TEDMED video below! I was privledged enough to attend #HealtheVoices15  this weekend, sponsored by Janssen BioTech and +Everyday Health. His talk was AMAZING and I'm completely understating that! 
+ZDoggMD appears at #HealtheVoices15

I plan on writing many blog posts over the next couple of days recapping my experience from this weekends HealtheVoices15 conference hosted by Janssen Biotech​ and +Everyday Health​. In the mean time, I feel like I have to share this AMAZING talk given by Dr. Zubin Damania, also known as +ZDogg MD. Even calling his talk amazing is a complete understatement. 

Dr. Damania is completely changing healthcare and how patients receive healthcare! His work at +Turntable Health in Las Vegas is revolutionizing patient - doctor care! 

Please take a moment to watch his video below where he talks at +TEDMED​. It's very similar to the talk he gave at the conference this weekend. It's 20 minutes long, but I can't stress enough to watch all 20 minutes of it! You won't be disappointed! 
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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Did you miss last Thursday's #IBD  Round Table Discussion with special guest Dr. +Peter Higgins? It's now available for viewing on our website.

Dr. Higgins talks to us about the latest IBD research that is going on.. New IBD drugs that have just come to market Ozanimod and Mongersen.. Can you have both Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis? The 23andMe Study, The GEM Project… Plus much, much more!

To make sure you never miss an episode of The IBD Round Table Discussion you can subscribe using the following links:

Other Podcast Catchers:

#IBDRoundTableDiscussion   #IBD   #InflammatoryBowelDisease   #Crohns   #UlcerativeColitis   #UC   #Colitis   #IBDRoundTable  
Dr. Peter Higgins of the University of Michigan IBD Center is our special guest this month. Dr. Higgins talks to us about the latest IBD research that is going on.. New IBD drugs that have just come to market Ozanimod and Mongersen.. Can you have both Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis? The 23andMe Study, The GEM Project... Plus much, much more!
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What Does #IBD  Mean To You....

A GREAT infograph by +The Crohn's Journey Foundation showing the effects of Inflammatory Bowel Disease. 
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I'm sorry +Tonia Hall but that's completely inaccurate. Good bacteria alone can't cure #IBD . Unfortunately, there is no cure for IBD! 
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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+Google Drive App for Windows PC

We have multiple workstations that are shared computers. It appears that when you install Google Drive under one users profile, if another person signs in to the Windows computer ( even after the first profile logged off ) the Google Drive app isn't usable. 

Does anyone know if this is going to change? I would think that this would be possible by now?!?!?!
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Oh yes, when the application is installed there is usually an option to make it available to all users on the PC or only the person that installs it.
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New blog post up on my website... _As Human As The Next Guy..., written by +Stephen Dempster 
As Human As The Next Guy....

New ‪#‎IBD‬ blog post on our website by +Stephen Dempster. Listening to our bodies and taking much needed downtime to rest isn't easy. As much as we try to be superheroes living with IBD, we are only human!

‪#‎Crohns‬ ‪#‎UlcerativeColitis‬ ‪#‎Downtime‬ ‪#‎Rest‬ ‪#‎ChronicIllness‬ ‪#‎Human‬ ‪#‎InvisibleIllness‬ ‪#‎Ostomy‬ ‪#‎JPouch‬
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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The Geek Wars Are Upon Us.....

This is going to be the ultimate geek battle!!!! I'm happy that +Derek Ross will be representing my side of the geek war! 
Coming to #SXSW the Android vs iOS Fanboy Challenge

On March 16th, I'll be live at Yahoo's Smartphone Fanboy Challenge at SXSW in Austin, Texas. I have been selected to represent the glorious +Matias Duarte in battle against the wretched followers of Jon Ive. I shall do my best to defeat my opponent, an iOS fanboy, by spreading the teachings of our savior. My tools for battle include my Nexus 6, Nexus 7, and my Moto 360.

Have any subtle jabs I should mention? Let me know!

This should be a lot of fun ;)

#Android   #iOS   #PraiseDurate
In less than two weeks, at a certain annual gathering of nerds and hipsters in Austin, Texas, Yahoo Tech is putting on a big production called the Fanboy Smartphone Challenge. Our aim is nothing less than determining, once and for all, which smartphone platform is better, Apple or Android.
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Hmmmm... Google seems to be a little concerned over their own Google Alerts! 

#Scam   #Phishing   #EmailHack   #SuspiciousMessage   #GoogleAlerts  
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My baby girl has it real good!!!!!

#labs #labador #greyhound #furhuman
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I was thinking that too +Stephen Dempster... My only concern is that I'd end up in a home with no beds or pillows! lol
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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There is absolutely nothing worse than watching your child suffer... I know this feeling all too well!!! If you are able to give, please consider doing so! No child should have to suffer!!! 
Help Aiden Get The Help He Needs.....

I remember what it was like when Domenic was at his worst with his ‪#‎IBD‬. We were fortunate though. We were near the #1 Pediatric #IBD center in the world. Other people aren't always as fortunate to be surrounded by the biggest and best.

If you have anything that you can give, please consider helping Robynn and Aiden. I've gotten to know Robynn ( Aiden's Mother ) and I understand her plight all too well. There's nothing worse in this world than watching your child suffer and the feeling of absolute helplessness.
Aiden is my 6yr old son who suffers from Crohns Disease. We recently had the opportunity meet Dr. Remzi from the Cleveland Clinic and he has taken an interest in Aiden's case. For those of you that aren't familiar with Aiden or his diagnosis, here is a brief description.... He starting presenting the with symtpoms at age 1 with diarrhea up to 15 times day, high fevers, vomiting and failure to thrive. His was diagnosed at age 2 with Ulcerative Col...
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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+Mike Elgan is LIVE now!!! Check out behind the scenes before +Tech News Today
Join me for a live meerkast: Tech News Today behind the scenes!

The stream begins shortly:

(Google should totally buy Meerkat, create an Android version and build it into Hangouts before Twitter launches Periscope and locks Meerkat out. In the meantime, it's available only via Twitter and iOS. Just follow me on Twitter at and then download the Meerkat app:
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Winter Storm #Thor  - March 2015

+Marisa Lauren Troy and I, playing outback with our daughter Phoebe in the snow! 
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Thank you +Michael Ringland​ :)
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    B.S. in Network Communications, 2004 - 2005
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    B.S. in Computer Science, 2002 - 2004
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The worlds first publicly, positive, introvert you'll ever meet! It serves me well
Please visit my Google+ Page - The Crohn's Colitis Effect

I think my tagline describes me pretty accurately... 

I'm a proud father of two great boys. Domenic is my oldest, who has Crohn's Colitis Disease ( see my Google+ Page for information on it ) and my youngest, Anthony. It might sound cliche to say they are my world, but saying anything less just wouldn't be truthful. 

I truly believe that I'm blessed... I not only have two wonderful boys, but I also have a career that I absolutely love! I've been a Network Engineer for a little over 15 years now and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else! My Father always told me that you know when you've made it when you get out of bed in the morning and can't wait to get to work... Well, that's me! I not only love the type of work I do, but I also love where I do it. I work for a private high school, St. Augustine Prep in Richland, N.J. The best part about my job is that everything I do there, I know I'm impacting the lives of our students, in a positive way, for years to come. 

Are you curious about what circles to put me in?? Well, anyone you want! :) Seriously, I post about a wide range of stuff. Anything and everything that comes to mind.  
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Father of 2 AWESOME boys, 1st Generation Google+ User, Attended the N.Y.C Google+ HIRL, Was featured in Google+ Voices - A Google+ 1 Year Anniversary Video ( ), Network Engineer for one of the highest academic and technology high schools in New Jersey, Nominated for a WEGO Health Activist of the Year Award in the category of Activist for Another in 2012
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  • St. Augustine Prep High School
    Network Engineer, 2006 - present
    Daily ownership all of network related services / Design and creation of specialty platforms Responsibilities include ( but are not limited to: ): Network Design - Infrastructure / Backbone Connectivity ( L2 and L3 Switch / Routers ) / Wireless Network and Security / Firewall - Security / Server Infrastructure / Video and Audio Teleconferencing / VMWare Virtual Server Infrastructure / VMWare Virtual Desktop Infrastructure / Project Management / Research and Development of new technologies with heavy emphasis on education
  • Connecting Point Technology Center
    Dir. of Managed Services / Project Manager / ASG - Network Engineer, 2001 - 2003
    Connecting Point Technology Center was the largest Network Consulting Firm in Las Vegas, NV. As Director of Managed Services I created the first Managed Services Department for the company. Taking the company for a break-fix and reactionary service department to a proactive and complete solutions department. As Lead Project Manager for CPTC it was my responsibility to lead a team of 20+ employees on all projects for the company. Duties included, but not limited to, Designing all aspects of the project, reporting all phases of the project to clients and key personel, scheduling all tasks and ensure the completion of them, and ensuring the scope of work was met to complete satisfaction As Advanced Server Group, I was the Lead System Administrator for 15+ clients at one time. Designing, Integrating, and Developing new technologies for clients. Managing the automation of day-to-day I.T. operations for said clients.
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Excellent service and very clean rooms!! I'm loving my stay here with an AWESOME view of the Pacific ocean from my balcony. I highly recommend this place
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I haven't been to this Walmart in years... Now I remember why! Target here I come
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16 reviews
Prices are good and Customer Service is excellent. Fast and prompt service. Knowledgeable technicians too
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Spicy Crispy Chicken is good :) Plus the kids have a good time afterwards playing in the enclosed playground. Fun for the family
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