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Frank Garufi Jr.

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Outside of the specific Skype options +Lifehacker​ talks about in this article, the rest of the options hold true for other video chat services like Hangouts, +Zoom​, GTM, etc
So you’re all excited to hop on a video chat with grandma, but the quality is less than desirable. The video is choppy, the audio echoes and cuts out, and you can barely see the person on the other end. Before you flip that table, here are a few things you can tweak to make sure you’re getting the best quality possible.
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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+Haili Kuester​ :) 
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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It's tragic when something like this happens. It makes me think of my boys and their future.

If you can help, you should. If you cant, which is completely understandable, a share would help a lot.
One of my close friends of over 15+ years has tragically passed away, leaving a wife and 2 small children behind. These two little boys will never know their father.

As mentioned in a post last week, my friend +Joel Reed was fan of sexy cars, building a successful business tinting and customizing them over the years. Joel loved techy, geeky things too, as he was a fellow Nexus Warrior with his +Nexus 6 and previously ran +CyanogenMod on his +Samsung Mobile USA Galaxy Note. Joel was also a fan of guns and rifles, owing some of the larger assault rifles that I've ever seen. When it came to the stock market or investing, well, that was one of his passions, making money. Joel was my friend, someone who would have done anything for me, someone who was always smiling and laughing, having a great time. But most importantly, Joel loved his two little boys as much as, well, as much as I love my two children, more than words can describe. If you're a parent, you know what I mean.

Even though Joel was a wizard with finances, sadly, he did not have life insurance, always stating that he was self insured with his investments and money saving habits. Which, to a point, that's true. However, once you're no longer around to continue said investing, you're no longer self insured. Besides, life insurance isn't for you, it's for your family, in case something happens to you. It's too late to have this conversation with my friend though. :(

No one likes asking for a hand out, but if you have a few bucks to spare this month, toss them towards the Reed family and their future. If you don't, a +1 and a share of post to spread the word will do.
Dear Friends, On June 22nd, 2015 the Reed Family lost a huge part of their lives; a husband, a best friend, a father, a provider. Help us raise money for Deanne, Ethan and Holden. My name is Ebun Adewumi and I have been friends with Deanne Reed since we were in middle school. Through Deanne I m...
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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Absolutely amazing!!!! It's really the only way to describe it! 
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hello +Elaine Lindsay  good to see you here:)
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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I say +Boris Gorelik +Al Espinosa and +Sally Morales can beat this easily! ;)
365-Gigapixel Panorama of Mont Blanc Becomes the World’s Largest Photo :- Post-processing and stitching the 46 terabytes afterwards took 2 months, and the resulting 365-gigapixel photo would be as large as a soccer field if printed out at 300dpi.
Say hello to the new largest photo in the world. An international team led by photographer Filippo Blengini has published a gigantic panoramic photograph o
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Perfect excuse to get a new one +Al Espinosa​ ;)
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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What does #WorldIBDDay  mean to me and how should we be talking about it
World #IBD  Day 2015

World IBD Day is not a time to celebrate... But it is a time to raise awareness and help the general public understand what people with IBD go through. In this new blog post, I talk about what #Crohns and #UlcerativeColitis are and try to give the general public a better understanding of it! 

#WorldIBDDay   #WorldIBDDay2015  
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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You need to experience +Virtual Photo Walks™ 

I can still remember the day that +John Butterill took my son on a private virtual photo walk ( before there even was a +Virtual Photo Walks™ ) around Canada while he was having his monthly infusion at the hospital for #Crohns  Disease ( ). 

A few days later, John formed Virtual Photo Walks, and since then, it has helped countless people, who otherwise could have never experienced such things, bring happiness and joy to their lives. 

I appreciate +Alex Lindsay for mentioning +Virtual Photo Walks™ the other day on #MacBreakWeekly  on +TWiT. Alex has been a huge contributor and supporter to this cause as well. 

The work that +John Butterill is doing with VPW is amazing and I HIGHLY suggest checking out their page and getting involved. I can speak from personal experience how much happiness and joy it brought my son, in an otherwise difficult and scary time! 

As VPW says... Walk the walk for those that can't
Thanks to +Alex Lindsay for mentioning +Virtual Photo Walks™ on #MacBreakWeekly on +TWiT
I am one of the disabled participants, and it is a great service. Thanks Alex!

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Frank Garufi Jr.

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Four Years Ago Today....

My journey into Google+ began..... I'm extremely grateful it did!
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Hey +Frank Garufi Jr. :-)  Happy Google+ birthday (or is it anniversary?) to you.  Were it not for G+, it's unlikely that I would have met your good self and a whole host of other people who make my life a more interesting and fun place to be.  As for this "Facebook" thing.....  yeah it's cute but it'll never take off :-)
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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Sad day for +TWiT Enthusiasts....

I was greatly shocked and then saddened when I heard +Leo Laporte announce today that not only was the chat room going away, but more importantly, the behind the scenes live broadcast of TWiT was going away too. 

One of the greatest things I loved about watching the +TWiT Network was seeing how transparent it was. You got to see everything. What went on in between shows, how the shows got setup, and we even got to hear what people were thinking. It was something that no other network has ever done and it was amazing to me! So amazing, that it inspired me to start The #IBD  Round Table Discussion podcast from +The Crohns Colitis Effect page. 

You could tell that while Leo was announcing this that it was a very hard decision for him. It wasn't something that he really wanted to do. But unfortunately, the internet trolls has forced his hands. It's really a shame that something so inspiring, so great, and so different than anything / everyone else has to change because of either someone or someones. 

I'm truly going to miss the connection that I really felt to +TWiT, it's employees, and it's hosts. Don't get me wrong, I'm still going to be a avid watcher of all the shows, but for people like me who loved to keep the live stream on all day long, I'm going to be losing that special connection that made TWiT so different than every place else. 

+Leo Laporte - I'm really sorry that you, your employees, and your family are having to deal with such craziness! The work you do is amazing and I GREATLY enjoy it! Maybe one day we'll be lucky enough that the trolls will go away and we can get back a piece of TWiT that made it so special. 
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Leo Laporte should admit it.  Using the Photoshop is excuse.....Nonsense!  Video reveals all.
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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Things that make you go... Hmmmmmmmmm
A falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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Weight can be a real problem with #IBD ... Whether it's weight gain or weight loss, it affects everyone with IBD. +Stephen Dempster explains why that is and his own struggles with it on our website
Weight Problems with #IBD !

New guest blog post on our website... +Stephen Dempster explains how weight is affected by IBD and his own struggles with it. Definitely worth the read!

#IBD   #InflammatoryBowelDisease   #Crohns   #UlcerativeColitis   #UC   #Colitis   #WeightProblemsWithIBD   #Weight   #WeightLoss   #WeightGain  
Weight can be a real problem with IBD. Stephen Dempster talks about how IBD affects weight and his personal struggles with it.
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Frank Garufi Jr.

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We need medical teams that are willing to listen. We need medical teams that are humanized and no longer robotic.

Too often doctors dismiss what patients and caregivers are saying and feeling because the data doesn't "support it".

While I'm a HUGE fan of science, not everything is "black and white". What is a patients to do when they fall into the "grey area"?
+Frank Garufi Jr. +The Crohns Colitis Effect just discussed the awful situation he experienced with a pediatric GI when his tiny son's #Crohns was not yet diagnosed. No parent or child should have to endure that treatment. We need medical reform for overall bedside manner, but especially in Peds world. We also need specialists to open their ears and listen to patients not just what they learned in a book. #ibd #inflammatoryboweldisease #crohnsdisease #ulcerativecolitis
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  • DeVry University
    B.S. in Network Communications, 2004 - 2005
  • University of Phoenix
    B.S. in Computer Science, 2002 - 2004
  • AmeriTrain of P.A.
    MCSE NT 4 / Win2k, 1998 - 1998
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The worlds first publicly, positive, introvert you'll ever meet! It serves me well
Please visit my Google+ Page - The Crohn's Colitis Effect

I think my tagline describes me pretty accurately... 

I'm a proud father of two great boys. Domenic is my oldest, who has Crohn's Colitis Disease ( see my Google+ Page for information on it ) and my youngest, Anthony. It might sound cliche to say they are my world, but saying anything less just wouldn't be truthful. 

I truly believe that I'm blessed... I not only have two wonderful boys, but I also have a career that I absolutely love! I've been a Network Engineer for a little over 15 years now and I wouldn't want to be doing anything else! My Father always told me that you know when you've made it when you get out of bed in the morning and can't wait to get to work... Well, that's me! I not only love the type of work I do, but I also love where I do it. I work for a private high school, St. Augustine Prep in Richland, N.J. The best part about my job is that everything I do there, I know I'm impacting the lives of our students, in a positive way, for years to come. 

Are you curious about what circles to put me in?? Well, anyone you want! :) Seriously, I post about a wide range of stuff. Anything and everything that comes to mind.  
Bragging rights
Father of 2 AWESOME boys, 1st Generation Google+ User, Attended the N.Y.C Google+ HIRL, Was featured in Google+ Voices - A Google+ 1 Year Anniversary Video ( ), Network Engineer for one of the highest academic and technology high schools in New Jersey, Nominated for a WEGO Health Activist of the Year Award in the category of Activist for Another in 2012
Network Engineer
Project Management, Network Architecture, Network Design, Network Administration, Network Security, Firewalls, Routers, Switches, Active Directory, LDAP, DNS, Routing, SharePoint, Exchange, SCCM, Wireless, Wireless Infrastructure, Google Apps, Google Docs, VMWare, Virtualization, Hyper-V, Social Media, Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Awareness, Causes, Technology in Education, Research and Development in Technology, Research and Development in Education
  • St. Augustine Prep High School
    Network Engineer, 2006 - present
    Daily ownership all of network related services / Design and creation of specialty platforms Responsibilities include ( but are not limited to: ): Network Design - Infrastructure / Backbone Connectivity ( L2 and L3 Switch / Routers ) / Wireless Network and Security / Firewall - Security / Server Infrastructure / Video and Audio Teleconferencing / VMWare Virtual Server Infrastructure / VMWare Virtual Desktop Infrastructure / Project Management / Research and Development of new technologies with heavy emphasis on education
  • Connecting Point Technology Center
    Dir. of Managed Services / Project Manager / ASG - Network Engineer, 2001 - 2003
    Connecting Point Technology Center was the largest Network Consulting Firm in Las Vegas, NV. As Director of Managed Services I created the first Managed Services Department for the company. Taking the company for a break-fix and reactionary service department to a proactive and complete solutions department. As Lead Project Manager for CPTC it was my responsibility to lead a team of 20+ employees on all projects for the company. Duties included, but not limited to, Designing all aspects of the project, reporting all phases of the project to clients and key personel, scheduling all tasks and ensure the completion of them, and ensuring the scope of work was met to complete satisfaction As Advanced Server Group, I was the Lead System Administrator for 15+ clients at one time. Designing, Integrating, and Developing new technologies for clients. Managing the automation of day-to-day I.T. operations for said clients.
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Las Vegas, NV - Olathe, KS
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Excellent service and very clean rooms!! I'm loving my stay here with an AWESOME view of the Pacific ocean from my balcony. I highly recommend this place
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Spicy Crispy Chicken is good :) Plus the kids have a good time afterwards playing in the enclosed playground. Fun for the family
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