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Frank Garufi Jr.
The worlds first publicly, positive, introvert you'll ever meet! It serves me well
The worlds first publicly, positive, introvert you'll ever meet! It serves me well


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MDT 2013 and Dell OptiPlex 5040 and 7440

I wanted to publicly thank Keith Garner of Keith's Consulting Blog ( ).

Keith created and maintains ( for free ) Powershell Scripts that will inject drivers into WinPE for PXE boots in MDT for Dell systems.

I recently got in new Dell OptiPlex 5040's and 7440's and was having an enormously hard time getting them to PXE boot and make a connection to the Deployment Share. Because Keith not only created the PS scripts but also keeps this updated, I was able to get this working.

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Using MDT 2013 to Install .NET 3.5 in Windows 10

So for the last week I've been struggling getting .NET 3.5 to install from the Task Sequence using Install Roles and Features. It appears that MDT 2013 U1 doesn't look for or can't find the \Sources\SxS folder in order to install it correctly.

After a few Google searches I came across this blog that helped tremendously.

#MDT2013 #MDT #MDT2013U1 #Windows10 #NET3.5 #DotNETFramework

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I'm going to start this by saying that as for technology and platforms, I'm all in with Google...

With that being said, something like this could really get me to rethink my Android Nexus 6P and my Moto 360.

Most people here know that I'm a patient / caregiver advocate for #IBD - #Crohns and #UlcerativeColitis . Health and being able to use technology to help bridge the gap between Doctors and Patients is very important to me.

While I'd rather stay all-in with Android and Google, I don't see Google Fit going in this direction.... Or atleast not in the degree so far that Apple has. I'm hoping that changes, because if it doesn't, Apple will win the watch and mobile device market. So much that it could even get me to switch.

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Got creamed tonight playing Horse with +Marisa Lauren Troy​... She beat me 2 out of 3!!! I blame the darkness ;)
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NYC Google Visit and NYC HIRL

Hard to believe it's been 4 years since we all got together in New York City, HIRL'd together, and visited the +Google campus. So much fun!!!

+matthew rappaport +Shefali Burns +Robert Redl +Boris Gorelik +Eileen A. McAllister +Joseph Puglisi +Sally Morales +Cliff Roth +Rodney Pike +Elaine Lindsay

Need Help with Windows 10 and Sysprep

If you are a Windows Enterprise person and have experience in Sysprep'ing windows images, I could use some help!

I have some Dell OptiPlex systems that Dell is not making the drivers for Windows 10. I have found the drivers manually on the net and have tested that they work correctly.

What I would like to do is a manual install of Windows 10 Enterprise, install all drivers needed, then Sysprep it but I need Sysprep to keep all the drivers. Is there a command I can run to Sysprep but keep all the related drivers to the system?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!! :)

#Windows #WindowsImaging #Sysprep #Windows10 #WindowsEnterprise #ImagingComputers

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What to expect with iOS 9.3....

iOS 9.3 is in the Beta 3 phase right now. Bernard from +BTNHD does a nice side by side video of iOS 9.2 and 9.3. These are just a few of the updates we can expect in the new release. My understanding is that there are even more features coming in this update.

#Apple #iOS #iOS9 #iOS93 #iPhone #iPad

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I'm making a new record and I'd love for you all to be part of it, My Loves!  The Girls From Ruby Falls (my new band) is a dream project of mine. I'm collaborating with incredible musicians to bring this project/story/album to life....but I can't do it alone.  

You all have always been so incredibly supportive of my musical dream and have been integral in my journey.  If you'd like to contribute to the making of this new record, please head over to our indiegogo campaign and pre-order our album. There are some super cool PERKS too!!

As Always,  THANK YOU!

All My Love,

p.s.- If you've been wondering where I've been lately...I've been busy dreaming up this new project!

p.p.s - It's never fun to ask people to donate to an artistic endeavor...especially when there are so many people and charities needing help.  Thank you for never making me feel badly for reaching out to you all for support.  I hope that my music, in some way helps to make the world a better place...even for a moment. :)

#heatherfaymusic   #thegirlsfromrubyfalls   #tuesdaytunesday   #music   #gratitude   #love  

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Is Your Son Starting To Consider High Schools??

If you have a son in the Southern New Jersey area starting to consider high schools, you'll want to ensure you check out +St. Augustine Preparatory School. In this video, St. Augustine Prep spotlights Class of 2016 Connor Lindsay.

Not only am I a alumni of the school, but I've had the great pleasure of working at St. Augustine Prep for the last 10 years! There's no better place in South Jersey for your son to get an education and prepare himself for his future

Setting hearts on fire with a passionate search for Truth, Unity, and Love

#StAugustinePrep #NewJersey #SouthernNewJersey #AugustinianEducation #ChristianEducation #CatholicEducation #HighSchool #Education #Hermits #GoHermits

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MDT 2013 Update 2 - Released

Bernard from +BTNHD gives us a first look at MDT 2013 Update 2 and what's new with it.
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