A golden search query is that search query which places your desired online content at the top of the SERP along with a great search description snippet, and results in a click through of your intended target market audience.

You do need to remember just how a search snippet is constructed to understand the value of a GOLDEN SEARCH QUERY

Search snippets are not always what you define within the HTML code of your page, within the <HEAD> section.  Sometimes Google dose use your description, some times your title, and sometimes Google just takes stuff off the page to match the actual search query of an end user.

You do not actually have total control over what Google displays as your search search snippet, how ever if your page  title and page description within the <HEAD> section closely match the content and context of the page in question, Google does prefer to use the info provided in your page title, and second choice is  your page description. How ever if neither of these is suitable match to the search query, then Google uses other options from within the content of your page, such as perhaps the title or description of an image, or one of your <H1> tags.  These issues of selecting a search snippet are determined by the actual search query, which makes these issue so confusing  when you do your research for your marketing analysis.

This definition of a golden search was written to supplement my blog post discussing the  SEMANTIC VALUE OF GOOGLE COLLECTION
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