+Rand Fishkin of +Moz poses a question ::: Is it Possible to Have Good SEO Simply by Having Great Content , in this episode of  Whiteboard Friday.

Now this is a real good question and there are many who would say NO! a very big fat NO and I would agree wholeheartedly with them.

AS Rand points out in this White Board Friday video,   SEO is such a complex affair with the social media stepping in to confuse the issue even more.

Most people conveniently forget that social media marketing is  purely a Public relations link building strategy that has network building as a spin off.   The purpose of your social media activity needs to be clearly defined, and all its aspects looked at clearly before this question of ding SEO without link building can be answered clearly without any ambiguity.

How have you defined the purpose of your social media  in your total marketing plan?  does it include link building, and are you placing any links to your website or blog within any of your social media posts?

If you have only one link to your web site or blog in any of your social media posts, then you have done some link building!!!!

Take some time out to understand the term link building, and you will realise that your social media is just one massive link building platform, where you try to convince your target audience to share your content with their audience, so that your online content in your web site or your blog gets more exposure. (LINK BUILDING)

Having a great web site is one issue, getting visitors to your web site is another issue, and it is an awful lot more difficult than most will let you know.

Where do most of your online visitors come form?  Most web site owners can not tell you this because they do not have the tools to investigate and examine  the audience acquisition patterns that develop around their online presence.

Where do you advertise your online resources, and how does your intended target audience interact with your advertising?  Do they type in your web address directly into their browsers address bar,  or do they use a search engine and type in the key words or terms that your other marketing has pushed to the top of their personal thinking processes?

Either way you need to have great content that will keep them within the walled garden of your online resources, so once again content is king, and you do need to ensure that the king gets his dues.
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