What SEO tactics do you use?

Search engine Optimisation (SEO)  consists of two parts #IPSEO    or In page Search Engine Optimisation  and #OPSEO   or Off Page Search Engine Optimisation, and they need to work as a multi stage process where the IPSEO is done in stages with the  first being the market research for your product / service and the  next being your target market research, which must both be well documented becuase this will be used many times over in each of the many different stages of both your IPSEO and your OPSEO.

The next is your copy writing which is followed by the technical guys who add all the fancy SCHEMA STUFF and the meta tags that go within both the <HEAD> section and the <BODY> section of your pages.

Once the rough draft of the IPSEO is done, this should be shared to your marketing team so that they can prepare their many different OPSEO (Off Page Search Engine Optimisation)  campaigns and ensure that these are aligned and correlate with each other as well as the basic set of In Page Search Engine Optimization ( IPSEO) tactics already in place. Once the marketing manager approves the content for publication in your online resources, then the many separate OPSEO campaigns must get underway to support the IPSEO and assist the search engines in doing what needs to be done, to ensure better SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages)

The first and most important part of all your OPSEO efforts should be to establish a link building platform for the freshly published content by linking  directly to this online content in your SMM (Social Media Marketing) efforts, and enticing others to share these links and include this content or references to this content in their own online content.

These processes,  amongst many others, need to be integrated into all you other marketing tactics in a managed and thoughtful manner, as this is where your link building and your semantic foot print are expanded, and snake out  into other areas though your social media network.

OPSEO or Off Page Search Engine Optimisation is often not well understood, as many marketers who have some knowledge of SEO will tell you that the items in the following list are not stand alone tactics, but rather specialist tools within the OPSEO TOOL SHED that need to be used by experts. 
() content marketing
() inbound marketing
() SEM or Search Engine Marketing
() SMM or Social media marketing
() Email marketing

OPSEO is all the sneaky and devious stuff that takes place out side of your web site or blog which is in place to assist search engines in indexing and understanding the semantics of your online content, as well as expand the available information on
1) the publisher of the content
2) the author of the content
3) your intended target market
4) related content by the same publisher
6) your current audience and customer base
7) related content by other publishers
8) related content by other authors
9) what your unique proposition and value add is
10) your trust factors and related semantic  #SEOVI    (Search Engine Optimisation Value Indicators)
11) other information which a search engine may require to match a search query to your online content.

So what SEO tactics do you use, and WHY?

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