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Frank Gainsford
I help people build Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media Platforms so that their audience can find and enjpoy their online content
I help people build Functional User Friendly Integrated Social Media Platforms so that their audience can find and enjpoy their online content

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Ich wünsche Euch allen Ihr Lieben eine wunderschöne Woche ❤ 

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Flowers in natural setting.

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Female circumcision is such an issue.... In my mind, those who practice this need to be punished in ways that strikes fear into the soul of other would be offenders.

What to do to change a religious mindset that is in my opinion simply a tool box of community manipulation to enure men get different treatment to women...
If babies sleep right through circumcisions, why are there restraints?

Imagine the outrage in the West if this device was used for female babies.

Stop cutting those who cannot consent. #i2

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Who is nervous? me ? never !!!!!

but then again pictures tell many stories...

enjoy and have no fear....

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another turtle... just older than the last ones I shared...

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two turtles getting their first water experience....

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for those who enjoy the night sky...
NGC 4424

In this image, taken by the Hubble Space Telescope, you can see NGC 4424. It is a barred spiral galaxy, located in the constellation of Virgo (The Virgin,, about 50 million light-years away from Earth. It has a diameter of 50,000 light-years.

Because we see NGC 4424 almost edge-on, the spiral structure of the galaxy is hard to see. In the image, just below NGC 4424, you can see another galaxy, which is named LEDA 213994.

NGC 4424 was discovered on February 27th, 1865, by the German astronomer Heinrich Louis d’Arrest (

More information here:

More on the morphological classification of galaxies:

Image credit: NGC 4424 ESA/Hubble & NASA CC BY 4.0

Thank you for your interest in this Astronomy/Astrophysics collection. Maybe add me on Google+ (+Pierre Markuse) and Twitter* ( or have a look at the Space/Space Technology collection here:

#science #astronomy #galaxy #ngc4424 #leda21394 #barredspiralgalaxy #space #hubble #hst

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what technique do youn use to get more views on your Google plus posts?

This technique by +SharingFOCUS managed by +Jo Ann Freeboom has helped me, so I do believe that you should take a #PEEPSEE here yourself and evaluate if it will work for you.

enjoy and thanx for looking in.
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