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Lasr weekend update at the Boxoffice. Hunger Games, boring. Dinosaur, cute. Victor Frankenstein 1 out of 5. Mini review included.
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In NYC on Ch. 9 this Godzilla fest played the next day after Thanksgiving. This was Waaay before cable even existed. 3 major channels, 3 minor, like ch.9 and the Sesame Street channel, Ch. 13. And that was it!
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If only that was a thing now.
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Wednesday's Movie News
Centerfold from the new "Wired" magazine. See how many franchises you can recognize in this. And yes there is room for both Star Wars and Star Trek in the universe. This poster proves it! LOL. New radio show coming this weekend.
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Star Wars Force Awakens Stormtrooper John Boyega first major feature. Small B-Movie, good feature,  to starring in the biggest franchise of all time. Not too shabby eh? Good for him. 
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Can you spot the Big G? Also some cameos from other franchises. Taken on my LG phone from the centerfold of the new Wire Magazine featuring Star Wars.
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Thursday Movie News
Due to late posting, this blog will be updated tomorrow. Such a cool video, lots of fun and for a great cause. Check out some of the faces when Ford...
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Have him in circles
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No complaints with this list at all. Even tho I'm surprise Snowpiercer,recently released made it, which is find with me. And they picked the right No. 1 for all time, also made by John Carpenter. So what do you think?
From humanoid insects to alien shapeshifters, these are some of the great sci-fi films you don't hear about too often. Have you seen them all?
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I have seen many times  one of my favorites.
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Happy gobble gobble everyone! Back on my day in NYC,  starting at 9am on Thanksgiving Day, Ch. 9 played King Kong, Son of Kong, Mighty Joe Young ending with King Kong vs. Godzilla with GZ movies played on Friday. This video shows how the day started. GZ video promo posting next.
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Tuesday's Movie News
New Radio coming show coming for Thanksgiving weekend. Included video is the Han Solo Chewbacca balcony scene. Pretty cool show but still too short for us die ...
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Updated with 4 new links plus the Wired Magazine centerfold with franchise cameos including Godzilla. Everyone's jumping on this bandwagon. This was individually posted but just in case you missed it.
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Monday's Movie News
Working on a new radio show for Thanksgiving. Stay tune. This blog is in progress for the day. The highlight of the show with Fords introduction for ...
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Attention Community: It's been brought to my attention that some of your posts have been flagged as spam which is very weird as 99% is all Godzilla related. I cleared the most recent posts but having trouble with some of the older ones as it won't let me clear them. And the new Gplus make over as not much better.
If you have posted in the past few months and didn't see it, feel free to post again. Sorry I haven't been on top of it but feel free in the future to notify me like: "Yo dude where's my post?, lol" And I'll make sure you'll be posted. Thanks everyone, Frankie.
PS, there's 15 still hanging and I'm using the old Gplus as it lets me edit my post. The new Gplus won't even let me do that. Any advie from you novice guys?
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Nix da
You can use the old design
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