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US Cellular is looking better and better....
Out here everyone pretty much sucks equally so whoever gives me a better data deal in the end will likely have my business.
I need a carrier with at least voice (and preferably data) coverage back in Sheridan and out in rural Illinois. US Cellular indicates a coverage map just about as good as verizon's and so that's probably where I'll switch in 18 months.
My friend has USC in Chicago, and it worked out pretty well. They are a bit slow to update their phones, but their "Belief" policies as a whole are a pretty good deal.
They don't really exist out here....but the only thing keeping me w/ VZW at this point is unlimited data and work discount...otherwise...Sprint seems like they deserve another shot.
I've recently had issues with Verizon myself. I used to have Alltel, before they were bought out. I wanted to get a different phone (just a basic phone, no data or anything) but Verizon wanted me to upgrade my plan to do it. Gah :(
The moment I have to give up unlimited data I'm gone.
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