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Man, just as I was thinking about getting ready to consider trying this sim out. Oh, well. I guess I will continue to wait on World of Warplanes.
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You can still try it out. I flew it a lot at launch. They were supposedly working on an Alaska expansion - hope that got out the door. I bought the Hawaii expansion (didn't just play for free).

Would have been fun if I could get more friends to play it - but you know, being free and all... barrier to entry was too steep for most people I guess.

I was hoping they'd be able to do a tie-in to shows like Flying Wild Alaska and release expansions based on missions in the show. Looks like we won't get that now - and I'm never going to see a decent rendition of CMH. :P

Also, never got the Helicopters I wanted. :(
I think what killed it was that they were trying to be approachable the mainstream - because people love airplanes, right?

Well... turns out people love Crimson Skies airplanes.

Ones that were even slightly realistic were still unapproachable to the mainstream - yet bored the hell out of the rivet-counters.


I had a lot of fun and learned a lot from the tutorials actually.
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